Be ready for this because it can get many of you feeling like something just destroyed your sandcastle. BUT. Anything that is a sandcastle is not something grounded in reality.

So whatever floats away or comes crashing down is showing that what you were thinking is not yet in perfected form. Be with this test and don’t take it as if this is the end of the world. Take it and grow stronger. Take it as research and just see that this thing is not going to work as planned.

But. Often life gets really great when we step away from the rigid plan of how we THINK things need to be. Remember that this week we are learning how to see our struggles with respect. To VALUE that we have been through SO MUCH. TO KNOW that we only grow a certain vibration of a situation when we have walked it, rather than just read about it.

In the struggle you have to learn to grow faith in the Great Mystery and a deep trust that believes things WILL work out and make sense eventually. That feeling of surrendering and just letting go is what grounds you deeper into life so that you TRULY appreciate what you DO HAVE.

That appreciation comes after a period of feeling WITHOUT what you want. To feel at bay to your dreams is what gets you growing more grounded in life so that when you DO get it, it will feel like the BEST THING EVER. If you know you can just go and buy ANYTHING, think about how devoid of actual happiness that would be. Think about dating apps. You can have sex with anyone and someone will want to have sex with you. You can scroll and choose AS IF you are a boss and deserve the best.

This means we have learned to chew, chew and swallow – and then move on to the next. We now never hold what we have in this moment as precious and sacred. Because we can have SOMEONE at ANY TIME with the swipe of our finger, we don’t value the art of long-term relationships. And we will see generations not having kids or serious relationships -- friendship AND romantic -- because of dating apps. This TOO MUCH and FREE for the taking is like being able to buy anything. It means we won't value anything we get because it all comes too easy.

So we need abstinence and fasting and night time and hibernation seasons and planetary transits that GUT US and get us to see a better way to be living our lives. That low nightmare perspective is what gets us loving life and crying over the magic we DO manifest in our futures when the cycles do change. That broke down car with a flat tire that then gets fixed and on the road again is LOVED even more BECAUSE of what stopped you from forward motion. It is the stop that gets you loving and valuing the go.


It is the stop

That gets you loving

And valuing

The go.

So be in peace

As you pause

Because when movement returns

It will give you all the reasons

To feel reborn and alive again

From how low you were taken.


If you don’t go low

You can’t notice how great

the high feels


The next 2 weeks explained.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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