Okay loves! We had Mercury go direct yesterday and the next few days are to be full of answers and ideas and clarity on what needs to change. Expect things to rise to the surface to help you understand where you need to be putting your energy. BUT. Before the answers come, you should be in an extreme fog that has you SO sleepy and with ADHD or some situation where you can't keep your eyes on one thing. You may feel it is dangerous to drive because you just can't concentrate.

This is the in-between space before you shift. Expect to feel SO out of it before you finally feel on top of things. Nothing is wrong with you if you can't keep your eyes open or feel like life is going by too quickly to figure out which way to go. You will feel dismantled before you feel reborn.

And the reborn is SO GOOD that it has to come with so much confusion before it shifts. We need the contrast in order to truly rise to the occasion of what is now hitting our planet. We are learning how life cannot just be a cocaine version or something stimulated by chemicals – and that be enough. In 3D we love those sort of things that give us a temporary lift, but as you vibrate higher, it will be like taking battery acid because your body doesn’t want to be altered by things fooling you into seeing yourself in a way other than you actually are.

The way that you are, in original form, is perfection, no matter how the old world interpretations placed you. What I want you to sit with is that there has NEVER been the intention of getting you to know how powerful you are. Nothing in the old world constructs was there to empower the artist or anyone coming out of line. The boxes were put into place so that you would only go so far and only believe that so much can happen for you. We all are under a glass ceiling that we all are to break on through and discover the more that awaits your dreams seeing that you deserve this

THE MISSING LINK for all of you at this point is SELF VALUE. Like, if you feel it, you will rise. If you don’t feel it, you will stay stuck. It is the most important element at this point of evolution. It is NOT the money you make or even the career you work. It all points to your own value system. The only important next step is that you are going softer within and finding compassion for the unique journey that is yours to experience. Just like how I talked about how I was destroyed from believing I had any value growing up. I was snuffed out purposefully from a jealous mother who did NOT want me to know of my light and potential. There was not one bit of miracle gro put into system and I had to discover who I am from walking life and seeing what I was manifesting. The main character has always been attracting women who then want to destroy me as my mother did. I feel I attract women who are tested to see if they will have compassion from how I provoke them or if they will go into their shadow behaviors and try to hurt me.

But listen here, when I did not value myself, I was a magnet to these types. Now that I hold deep respect for the journey I walked and the mountains I have climbed, I don’t attract those same women, or at least, they are not even close to my inner circle. Before, I brought them in close and ignored the feelings I felt that there was something I couldn't trust about them. Now I know the type a mile away and I don’t even go there. BEFORE I thought everyone who came into my life was someone I should digest. BEFORE I didn’t know my value, so I said yes to it all.

Your main life goal at this point is to wake to how important, essential and valuable you REALLY ARE. And to not need others to confirm this necessarily -- but for it to grow grounded deep in your own soul. When you can hold this space that you are worthy and special and deserving of all the amazing dreams, then you will shift, and life WILL get better. It's like we chose so much before where we didn’t value ourselves, and we said, well, this is good enough, I guess. And it is those manifestations that we now need to work our way out of. You are not bad for choosing something that did not value you, BUT we do need to get you out of the story it manifested you. We need to face what this created and now see how to go back and do it better from a place of high value. What do you deserve? Love, kindness, respect and peace. Is that what you have? Then, let’s go out and get it for you by going within to love on the miracle that is you.


You are not bad

For choosing something

That did not value you,

But we do need to get you

Out of the story it manifested you.

We need to rewind in order

To do it right this next time.


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