$99.00 USD

GROUP BEA: Free the Witches. Here is the energy work that will finally set you free to use your voice and express your deepest gifts. If you have scar tissue on your neck in your energy, you were hung or killed and silenced in past lives and it stays there to keep you from ever doing what you did in past lives that WAS powerful.

With scar tissue in place, you can't believe in yourself or your gifts. You will not step up on stage and be an authority because you will feel blocked and unsure of yourself. The scar tissue will keep you from living your soul's purpose.

So this BEA is the most important thing you can do to yourself and for the gifts you are to give to the world.

2 people will sign up per session. 60  minute session. After purchase, you will be sent a scheduling link. If you dont find a time that works for you, we will create one!


The FREE THE WITCHES includes these BEA adjustments:

Clear the Caches. Here your soul will bring me files that it feels you no longer need or that it is too much information impeding your progress. Here your soul knows what to give me and I remove the energetic of what is in the file -- which neither you or I have access to in this process. 

5D Light. Here we fill your head to the torso with white light that gets you glowing! This instantly upgrades your system.

Clear Calcification from Third Eye and Crown. Here we clear what fluoride and pharmaceuticals and city water do to you! I can get them back to position and clearly connecting to spirit and to listening to your body to guide you. When your third eye is calcified you say, I don't know alot and you are WAY more likely to not even question corporate ideas on things. Calcification bocks your ability to fully hear your intuition.

Remove Scar Tissue around the Throat.  Here I will dissolve every sign of scar tissue and will heal the gaping wounds it leaves. 

Remove Dead and Alive Hooks. These always show up with scar tissue. They are past life attachments that fabricated a hook in you to never come out. So if they get cut by someone who doesn’t know how to handle hooks, they leave the hook in you and it dies and it poisons you. Many who have them, have illness or problems in where they are found. 

The Heart Pop. Here I pop your heart back into position and get it to show its sparkles. If you are on the spiritual journey, you will be showing silver sparkles! The further you go in healing your system, we also see gold sparkles and pink sparkles! 

The Pink Protection. With this process we cover your entire body in the highest vibrating love. This looks just like cotton candy in color and consistency as I weave the energy into the area just outside your body. You go from burlap sack around you to cashmere. #1 loved BEA! 

Block the Glass Half Empty. Here we make an adjustment in your brain which decides whether you go glass half empty or full. We fix you to 80% full 20% empty (to keep your discrimination abilities) and make any adjustments to the damage of this area. During our session, I tell stories about this area to really help you understand if you are in the glass half empty or full.

The Golden C. We fix this part in the brain and turn you into The Golden Child. This one makes you think you deserve EVERYTHING you wish for and OF COURSE you will get it! This is the one spot MOST SHUT down on MOST PEOPLE. You know its shut down if you question yourself when you don't get picked for something. When it is open, you ONLY want the best, so you say, keep on walking to whatever doesnt want to love on you!

The Solar Screen. Here we apply a screen over your solar plexus so that you don’t reach out into others' bodies to concern yourself so much in wanting to be heard or understood. This allows you to not give AF about being a pleaser and the good one. This keeps you in your core and not changing to make others feel more comfortable.

The Solar Projector. Here we put a bright golden light at the back of your spine that shines into your solar plexus. This brings golden light inside and projected out into your aura. THIS makes everyone stare at you as if they think they know you! Its the golden light!

Balance the Root Chakra. We do a quick adjustment to get it OUT of worrying about all that could go wrong and solid in just being here in the moment. This adjustment reduces anxiety by 90% as per what my clients say.

Grid the Matrix of Earth in you. Here we start by putting one triangle on your Sacral. This will KEEP your chakras in position and help you REALLY feel grounded and as if you belong and have home here on Earth. Next session, we add another triangle and they start spinning 3D. This is the Merkaba we are gridding into you, which brings the ultimate sense of oneness with all.

The Healing Baths. The Black Bath and The Red Rose Petal Bath focus on working on your cells. First, we clear serious toxins from your cells and then we do the highest level healing of your cells. 

Run the Chakra Energies. Start from the top, end at the top, and get all the chakras flowing together and expanded into infinity to ground you deeper and get you with more space to really believe you CAN do miraculous things. 

The Clearing Shower. Here we clear everything in our aura that got worked up in our session.


How do I pronounce BEA? It's like Bea(trice). Not B.E.A. and not bae. BEA!

Why does BEA energy feel so different? Because it is 5d energy to upgrade your body and integrate the healing work you have already intellectually completed. It works FAST and things correct instantly. WIth BEA we are not only putting energy or symbols in the body, we SEE into the body and can adjust anything that we see.

Can I leave early or after I get my adjustment? YES. The group or circle energy is sealed from the moment I begin to end. If you are on a tight schedule, you can email us before the session, and we’ll begin with you. Leaving won’t affect any of the energy work to be completed, even at the end when I run the group energy!

I created the Group BEA to be more flexible and affordable and POWERFUL, actually, because it is magnified group energy

How many BEA’s do I need to do and in what order? This is all on you in all the ways. You come when you need a BEA. You come BACK when you need a BEA. If you don’t need one, you are good to go and can trust that the adjustment will stay.