Welcome to Aquarius Nation CO

Bringers of the New Earth Soul.

Empowering the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors here to bring peace to Earth in the time of darkness. 

If you found me, you heard the call I sent FOR YOU! I have been manifesting YOU for years. Welcome beauty!


We are not mainstream at Aquarius Nation Co. We aren't interested in what follows along and doesn't question authority. We are here to support the ones who bringing in the New Earth Soul. The energy of compassion and forgiveness and truly working to see the best in all. 


Because TRUTH BE, what you see, you hold. So to see corruption, means that vibration holds YOU down in misery. You CANNOT stay separate from what you see or judge in others.

ENERGY UPDATE 1 March 2024


I told you! It is UNSTABLE out there. Just know, it may be better to just let things go and NOT get so fired up in wanting others to see where you are coming from. We are in the lands of people behaving badly and really hurting others as they express their wounded behaviors. 


But do your all to NOT HATE. To NOT do hateful things. To NOT see others in hateful ways. It is the ultimate life test to NOT HOLD WHAT YOU THINK YOU SEE. We are in the lands of illusion and TRULY what is here is YOURS to see about YOURSELF. 


How do YOU roll with the punches?? How do YOU handle what sqeezes you? Today, GET SPACE FROM IT. MOVE AWAY. DO NOT RESPOND OR GO BACK AND FORTH ON ANYTHING. 


Go eat a yummy meal. Go get in the bathtub. Go take a break. Go say, fuck it to whatever thinks it needs you. And do this day in a way that supports you keeping your heart rate low and mind on creative dreams for how this all will unfold.


ENERGY UPDATE 28 February 2024


On the way are a messy sort of FEW days!! Expect to feel VERY dizzy and twitchy. EVERYONE will feel like TOO MUCH. This is the kind of energy where one is drowning and they reach out to grab others and take them down too. It may be hard to keep your eyes straight to see what is really there. 


Many are VERY distracted so stay aware on the road. You also may just feel sick in your stomach or totally unsteady with the energies. Expect vertigo or sudden tummy aches or a slight buzzing throughout your body.


THIS WILL PASS but it really does want you going with the flow and resting when you really THINK you should plow on through.

ENERGY UPDATE 16 February 2024


Everything changed around December 19, which ushered in the end of the nightmare, making way for heaven to finally rise. 


Due to polarity ruling this planet, with equal night to day, where it is the darkest right before the sun rises, we are to expect that things get REALLY UGLY right before they get really nice. I told you months ago that the LIGHT HAD WON, and when we reached that point, the dark was going to come in next level and try to knock us all off our high horses!  This is the good news we have been waiting for. NOW, we just have to REALLY hold the love.


You can expect body pains on the right side of your body, mostly neck, shoulder, inner shoulder blade, hip, or elbow. This is to slow you down. This is the masculine side, and what is falling away is seeing this as the dominant and only way to be. This is the end of plowing ahead and forcing things to be. Now, people will get sick when they are too much go, go, go.


You will not be able to sleep around 1am to 4am for about 2 weeks, and then you will sleep through the night again. You may feel like you are getting sick or will have vertigo and joint pain. 


You will be thinking of what you got wrong in life, but you need to see this is like a grocery list where you discover something needs to be purchased. 


So where you did wrong, dedicate to now getting it right. While also trusting that as we move up the mountain, what we do today very well may be what we would not do later in life. So expect this back and forth movement around your wounds and with what you messed up or lost in life because of being wounded and NOT fully loved, valued or seen.  We really do have to walk through trial and error to know what is a hypothesis and what is a long-standing truth. On the healing journey, most of it will be hypothesis because wounded people hurt themselves and others. Now we finally slow down and heal. 

ENERGY UPDATE 6 December 2023


Get ready to see people at their worst. This will be a holiday season where people are FULL of pressure, anger, frustration and an absolute intolerance with others. 


Be careful on the road because people feel most free when they are driving, so if you are in their way, they won't be happy! Expect TONS of tailgating and fixated focus on WHAT is "in the way". So many will miss the beauty of life because all they see is what stands in the way. 



Body Energy Adjustments


Are you having a hard time coping with life?

Talk therapy only goes so far in a world that is now reading about everything out there. It's actually hurting us to intellectualize and see so much. 


Body Energy Adjustments, or BEA, RADICALLY shifts your energy and frees you to BELIEVE and BECOME what you dream. These are distance 5D energy healings that are a gift in these times to help us remember our destiny. 

1:1 With KV

You and me. Alone to talk out your life, the Astrology transits or your Human Design, and then to really seal the deal, we love on you with BEA energy healings. Monthly mentoring also available.



free the witches/shamans

The majority of people who find me were powerful people in past times who were killed because of their gifts. I clear the throat scar tissue, remove hooks and FINALLY set you free again.



BEA Groupie

Once you've had a session with KV, you get to take Group Sessions, with 2 other clients, at a discounted rate!  In the Groupie sessions you get to choose the BEA adjustments you need.



neuron isolation sessions

N.I.S. is the next level work where YOU talk about what provokes you and I watch your brain to see where neurons are MISfiring. We dissolve the old pattern and stop it from squashing your dreams.





*This is only available to clients who have ALREADY HAD their 1st BEA session!


#1 ESSENTIALS. regular maintenance.

The basics that we do in all the first 1:1 sessions. From Golden C to Glass Half Full/Empty, Clear Caches. Heart Pop. Solar Screen. Solar Projector. Balance Chakras and run energy. Pink Protection. Implant Merkaba on Sacral Chakra. Aura Cleansing Shower. We get your system into proper running condition!


#2 SPECIAL SAUCE. bonus upgrades.

Plant Red White Mushrooms in all your Chakras to seed prosperity consciousness into your system. Clear Sexual Cords as the energy of all partners hangs around for 7 years! Plant Lil Pink Mushrooms to pelvic area. Grow a Mercury Flower to reboot Energy, Creativity and Sensuality. Aura Cleansing Shower. We get your system accelerated and upgraded.


#3 HEALING SESSION. deep cleansing.

5D light + Red Pain Relief light + Gold Seal + Plant Lil Pink Mushrooms over whole body + Black & Red Rose Petal Baths. Aura Clearing Shower. We get your system cleansed with the focus on correction and healing your body.  




GROUP BEA: Free the Witches/Shamans/Mystics/Healers. Here is the energy work that will finally set you free to use your voice and express your deepest gifts. If you have scar tissue on your neck, you were hung or killed and silenced in past lives -- and it stays there to keep you from ever doing what you did in past lives that WAS powerful. It put the fear into you.


With scar tissue in place, you can't believe in yourself or your gifts. You will not step up on stage and be an authority because you will feel blocked and unsure of yourself. The scar tissue will keep you from living your soul's purpose.


So this BEA is the most important thing you can do to yourself and for the gifts you are to give to the world.





Clear the Caches. 

Here you are going to come with certain thoughts that you want to be cleared. So we want you to think of the ways you have been silenced and we will clear those memories from you. Otherwise, we let BEA take the wheel, and thoughts that are keeping you confused or are too much information will be removed from your database. 


5D Light. 

Here we fill your head to the torso with white light that gets you glowing! This helps me see hooks and it amplifies the other BEA work we do. 


Remove Scar Tissue around the Throat.  

Here I will dissolve every sign of scar tissue and will heal the gaping wounds it leaves.


Remove Dead and Alive Hooks. 

These always show up with scar tissue. They are past life attachments that fabricated a hook in you to never come out. So if they get cut by someone who doesn’t know how to handle hooks, they leave the hook in you and it dies and it poisons you. Many who have them, have cancer or problems in the way in where they are found. 


Clear Calcification from Third Eye and Crown. 

Here we clear what fluoride and pharmaceuticals and city water do to you! I can get them back to position and clearly connecting to spirit and to listening to your body to guide you. 


The Heart Pop. 

Here I pop your heart back into position and get it to show its sparkles. If you are on the spiritual journey, you will be showing silver sparkles! The further you go in healing your system, we also see gold sparkles and THEN pink sparkles!


The Pink Protection. 

With this process we cover your entire body in the highest vibrating love. This looks just like cotton candy in color and consistency as I weave the energy into the area just outside your body. You go from burlap sack around you to cashmere. #1 loved BEA!


Block the Glass Half Empty

Here we make an adjustment in your brain which decides whether you go glass half empty or full. We fix you to 80% full 20% empty (to keep your discrimination abilities) and make any adjustments to the damage of this area. 


The Golden C. 

We fix this part in the brain and turn you into The Golden Child. This one makes you think you deserve EVERYTHING you wish for and OF COURSE you will get it!


The Solar Screen. 

Here we apply a screen over your solar plexus so that you don’t reach out into others' bodies to concern yourself so much in wanting to be heard or understood. This allows you to not give AF about being a pleaser and the good one. This keeps you in your core and not changing to make others feel more comfortable.


The Solar Projector. 

We put BRIGHT GOLDEN LIGHT into your body so that YOU can see yourself clearer, and others can too!


Balance the Root Chakra. 

We do a quick adjustment to get it OUT of worrying about all that could go wrong and solid in just being here in the moment. This adjustment reduces anxiety by 90% as per what my clients say.


The Healing Baths. 

The Black Bath and The Red Rose Petal Bath focus on working on your cells. First, we clear serious toxins from your cells and then we do the highest level healing of your cells. 


Run the Chakra Energies. 

Start from the top, end at the top, and get all the chakras flowing together and expanded into infinity to ground you deeper and get you with more space to really believe you CAN do miraculous things.


The Clearing Shower. 

Here we clear everything in our aura that got worked up in our session.






With this NEURON ISOLATION I did on myself, I was wanting to know WHY I am an underachiever and NEVER want to compete EVER. I have NEVER competed and rather, I disappear and DON'T show up whenever ANY competition situation would arise.


What bubbled up from my session was that ...

I grew up with a mother who hated everything about me, and made that clear, but adored everything about my brother, and made that clear. And it was just us 3. I had several stepfathers and one would often take one of us for a motorcycle ride on the weekends. He would always flip a coin and as it was in the air one of us would call the side. And each time, I had the opportunity to believe that THIS TIME MUST BE when I would win, but in fact, 100% of the time, my brother won. Now I understand it was manipulated, but as a child that was 100% un-raised, loved, or schooled on ANYTHING, I just took it in to know even more that I was a loser, worth nothing and should NOT count on ever winning anything in regard to competing with my brother (or others).


When I launched my business, I really discovered that any time ANYONE mentioned astrology, or an astrologer, I ghosted myself.  I went quiet. I NEVER WANTED TO compete or take any position where another could be there -- BECAUSE what I was shown was that I ALWAYS lose, and NEVER got to see being a winner.


THE THING IS, in the healing journey, we try to take ownership for our JEALOUSY or ways we get sick to our stomach when certain provocations arise. WHEN IN FACT, sometimes its Shamanic and its something done TO US that just gave us the wrong impression of reality -- so we lost parts of oursevlves that we need to come home to again. I could NEVER get to HOW to stop feeling like a nobody if I wasn't the ONLY body in a position. I just thought I was bad at sharing! 


Even with gifts, I had THE HARDEST TIME saying thank you because I was SO uncomfortable getting loved on. Like, why are you doing this for ME? NOW I LOVE GETTING LOVED ON!!!!! Gifts make me so happy now as I rip off the wrapping paper to get into what this is!!! BEFORE... it could take weeks, months or YEARS for me to even OPEN gifts sent my way.



SO to keep from having even MORE AFFIRMATION that I am a loser, I didn't compete. I didnt show up.


With my NEURON ISOLATION, I discovered that this WILD NEURON was firing behind my Golden C, shutting that down and traveling down to my Third Eye and into my Solar Plexus. ALL being shut down over ANY provocation of "competition" or comparison.


AFTER fencing in this neuron and dissolving the pathway it created, EVERY TIME COMPETITION COMES MY WAY, I LEAN INTO it and AFFIRM how badass and gifted I AM. EVERY TIME, I now WANT to compete, WANT to show up in full power, WANT to stand there firm and GET WHAT I DESERVE.


I spent my whole life not understanding why I couldn't put myself forward with any contest or situation where one person got the prize -- because ALL I SAW was that my brother got ALL the prizes and I got chapstick from the checkout aisle. Seriously, I would watch my brother open a box with a model car to build, offering him days of entertainment, while I got what meant NOTHING from the checkout isle. It was ALWAYS there in my face that I don't get what others get. I don't get love and I don't get gifted fun things.


AFTER ONE SESSION, I have NEVER backed down again. Now, I EXPECT to be loved, to be picked, to win EVERYTHING.


And if I don't win, I know it wasn't for me and I look for the thing that IS. NO WHERE do I crush myself or find fault. I KNOW I deserve the best and will be loved and seen by THE BEST THINGS!


Nothing in me expects what I saw in my past. That "waterway" no longer holds me prisoner to what imprinted me.



What we want is to see HOW THINGS TRIGGER YOU IN THE BRAIN. 

I am able to go into your energy and see where neurons are behaving badly and have created "waterways" that now shut down your energy systems. This is why one day you can feel positive, and the next day lost and confused. It's why you can read a book and say, OH I GET IT, but then walk into a situation that triggers you, and you go low on yourself again. It's why you keep doing what you KNOW you don't want to do. 


So come to our session with something to talk about that gets you going low. 


We will spend a few minutes greeting each other and then we TURN THE CAMERAS OFF

You are going to get comfortable in whatever way that means. You may want your eyes closed but maybe you want them open!  Just do make sure you have the freedom to express! If someone can hear you in the other room, can we get you into a more private space? I want you free to go where this energy session will take you because often we get loud and fired up. 


We begin with you talking about what trips you up. 

I want you FULLY IN THE ENERGY -- so if it takes you low and negative, GOOD. We NEED TO SEE how your brain mishandles certain provocations. I DO NOT want you high vibe for this session! I want you like a child who needs to be seen. I want you sitting there talking like you are complaining with a friend and really letting it all out about how this makes you feel. We will be going to the root of things and the more you get your brain to light up, the more we see the pattern it created in shutting yourself down. 


I will be there talking with you and may ask questions to get you going deeper. Before our session, don't worry about where you think we will go or try to come up with a script. This is a rollar coaster ride you will ride for the first time -- so there is nothing to understand before hand! But know, you are buckled in, safe, and WILL come out of this a bit giddy at seeing something you didn't see before and experiencing something that WILL change how your brain operates and handles provocation in the future. Take the ride and win the prize of seeing with new eyes!


Eventually, I will find the wild neuron, that we think of as a wild horse, or a wild bull that gets fired up and starts breaking everything -- and we fence him in his position, put pink energy around him AND we dissolve the "waterway" path that shuts your energy centers down. The wild neuron fires BECAUSE in times past, you were not adulted through traumatic situations. You were not seen, cared for, held, protected. So you had to be a tough little cookie who took care of yourself. And you were NOT able to support where you felt broken so you grew thick skin and something that created an unhealthy pattern of expression.


In this session, we STOP the wild neuron and DISSOLVE the pattern it had created -- the pathway to destruction it knew so very well.  It's energy medicine to keep the initial wild neuron from shooting off and HAVING a road to travel. If the road is gone, through dissolving that pathway, it stays in its "crate" and YOU RECOVER quicker, and in new ways, in the face of provocation.




It all depends on how many neurons you have misfiring, and they misfire from times in your past when you did not have an adult to walk you through or explain traumatic situations. If you were left out in the cold, your child brain got you through things and MOST LIKELY through shaming or blaming yourself or affirming old messages like no one will love you or you ruined everyone’s lives.


It also depends on how mental you are! The more mental you are, the more you have many neurons manipulating things in your brain. 

Basically, you will need as many as you have provocations that get you going silent, low or hateful! If you have negative voices in your mind, you need this work. 


If you EVER think that you deserve to die or have no value, you need this work. If your mind controls you and shuts you down over provocation like social media or competition, you need this work. 

Holding Space...

I am KV and I purchased the domain for Aquarius Nation 19 years ago back when I was having visions of a space I would create for the ones who would be bringing in the New Earth Soul, or The Age of Aquarius. 


And. Here I am still standing and still welcoming in the brilliant bright lights that find me. Eventually I will have a Netflix talk show and will be finding even more of you!


Sun in Pisces. Virgo Moon. 1 degree Capricorn Rising

4, 6 Triple Split Generator born on the cross of Rulership with only the throat undefined. Provoking for Spirit. My Mars is in the last degree of Sagittarius, in the last degree of my 12th house, in a T-square with Pluto/Black Moon and Sun/Mercury. My Jupiter/Neptune in Sagittarius conjunction in the 11th house is in a sextile to my Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house, which is in a mutual reception trine to Uranus in Libra in the 9th house.  I was born to help you cross the bridge into a life that makes you happy!




I was born into a super poor and unstable foundation where fear of how to put food on the table and keep the power on was the daily. We moved about every 2 years and always in the middle of school sessions. My mother actually felt hatred for me the moment I was conceived and she couldn't wake up to what she was doing until I was 11. I wasn’t loved on or touched kindly or valued or encouraged to be something or complimented AT ALL in my childhood. So my formative first 7 years were a complete disgrace and provided me NOTHING to be able to count on in life. 

So – I learned to move with my Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius, in the last degree of my 12th house, along with my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 11th house and I went off and wandered in life. I explored ALONE out in nature and through the neighborhoods and farms and graveyards. From age 4 on, if you wanted to find me, I was out by myself walking in the woods and wandering through peoples yards.

So – I am as flawed as they come and have not been raised to be anything in particular. I grew organically like a weed and am not professional or proper as many may need me to be. I just do my thing. I also have a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house and in a mutual reception trine with Uranus in Libra in the 9th house. -- I DO MY THING – and don’t know what else to do. I’m NOT good at faking things and I always said I could NEVER be an actress because I would not be able to pretend and be this other person. I did think I would grow up to be a comedian though! I CAN be on stage – but not by pretending to be another person.

Because I was not protected AT ALL and was SO wounded, I have had to learn through all the wrong trial and error moves that people who are wounded make. But I am doing SO GOOD and I am SO proud that I am here now able to assist others who came from nothing.

But because of my past, where I was treated like trash, and my unique design and codes, I KNOW how every one of you struggles -- and I know your pain. I feel you, my love. I don't judge because I have done it all, too. 

But. I never have been one to give up – from all that Sagittarius in me -- and I DON’T speak to myself like I heard while growing up. I was so destroyed and devalued that I WILL NEVER do that to myself as an adult. And I have stuck by that for decades. I NEVER put myself down. It's something that qualifies me to now teach you the way. Because I am proof that we can change.

I also am called a Record Keeper, of which there currently are 67 awakened, and we don’t have to study to understand things. We just organically know things. I haven’t even read a book to learn anything in 25 years! For this reason, all of my work is unique and NONE OF IT comes from other books or teachers.  Nothing with my work is ever a copy and paste version. It all comes straight from my soul, with Spirit lighting the way.

I was born to stand at the bridge and to help people let go of their past and start again seeing for the amazing beings they ARE down deep. I see you. I feel your struggles. And I know how to keep at the steps that get us talking a new way and manifesting joy after a lifetime of pain.


I accept my position and will serve in getting YOU to the other side where you are loving and valuing your time on Earth.



The Birth Chart Book.

It all began 25 years ago...

When I was 28, I had no idea what would happen after I left San Francisco to go back to St. Louis to get to know my dad. I was back there because I had a vision that my father, who I only saw a couple times a year, was going to die soon.  


So I left the DREAM LIFE to go back and spend some time with the pops!  It for sure was the hardest time of my life, where I walked into my Saturn Return with NO internet created yet, NO cell phones, NOTHING to help me undersand WHY things changed SO DRAMATICALLY from ages 27 to 28. On top of that, it was 1999, when the first rounders began going through Ascension. All of us alone with it. As everything crumbled...

I was told I would be channeling High Vibrational Astrology...

Pretty much the moment I got back to my hometown, I started channeling what I was told would be channeling "high vibrational astrology" which was the truth of what the Planets wanted us to know. It was all positive. All supportive. All compassionate. It was the truth! And with that, I wouldnt pick up my pen for 12 pages as I hand wrote readings for all these things I didn't even know I knew!


I didn't share this work with the world until 2012. I kept it secret not really knowing why anyone would be interested! HA! When I finally came OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE to share it, it spread word of mouth like a wildfire. It wasn't just loved; it was LOVED. 


We have struggled over the years in getting the books out but finally are upgrading to PDF and professionally printed books (as I hand made every book out there today, where there are about 2700!). We will be launching the new books in 2024!



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