$22.00 USD

Group BEA | Body Love process: 30 minute live group session on zoom call. 

Group process: This one is done completely as a group, therefore there are no class number limits. We keep cameras on to say hello, but then we turn them off. Hopefully, you can get naked, but clothing is optional. You will be laying down and I will be going through each body part and programming it with new messages. We will have you rubbing your belly as I tell all of your bellies that THIS is perfect just the way it is. This is how it SHOULD look. This is beautiful!!! You may want to have lotion or oil ready too so you can really feel the softness of what we are reworking into your consciousness.

We will go through every body part and bring new loving messages to each. When we are living 5D, we don’t judge bodies shapes or ways – we just love our parts because they are OUR AMAZING BODIES. All bodes can be improved with working out but first we need you to accept and love who you are. This BEA will get you forgetting that you don’t approve of certain ways that your body naturally is. The false messages of the programming and media will no longer stick to you.

THIS WILL SEED NEW POSSIBILITIES INTO THE EARTH GRID. This work that YOU DO will affect everyone in questioning the old worlds programming on how the body SHOULD be. 


Love My Body process:

+ everyone turn off cameras and lay down HOPEFULLY naked.

+ clear the caches

+ we go through every body part, one at a time,  and program new loving messages. You will be rubbing and massaging each part as I plant love into your belly, thighs, butt, upper arms, breasts, back, legs, hips, pelvic region, neck, and face. 

+ clear the caches again

+ open the Golden C

+ put into a black detox bath and then a red rose petal bath

run energy and conclude with rose petal and rose water shower.


What this does: it allows you to stop judging your body through the eyes of patriarchal programming who ultimately want you to embody self hatred. The old world does not want powerful and body loving women, they want subservient, competitive and body shaming women who follow whatever the man wants you to believe. In this BEA, we heal that out of you and get you seeing that you are BEAutiful!!! After a session or two of #6, you will start loving your body for the perfect form that it is at this moment, while also inspiring you to work the muscles and DO take care of this amazing vessel that is here to help you thrive and soar in life.


How do I pronounce BEA? It's like Bea(trice). Not B.E.A. and not bae. BEA!

Why does BEA energy feel so different? Because it is 5d energy to upgrade your body and integrate the healing work you have already intellectually completed. It works FAST and things correct instantly. WIth BEA we are not only putting energy or symbols in the body, we SEE into the body and can adjust anything that we see.

Can I leave early or after I get my adjustment? YES. The group or circle energy is sealed from the moment I begin to end. If you are on a tight schedule, you can email us before the session, and we’ll begin with you. Leaving won’t affect any of the energy work to be completed, even at the end when I run the group energy!

I created the Group BEA to be more flexible and affordable and POWERFUL, actually, because it is magnified group energy

How many BEA’s do I need to do and in what order? This is all on you in all the ways. You come when you need a BEA. You come BACK when you need a BEA. If you don’t need one, you are good to go and can trust that the adjustment will stay. With #2, every time you get an adjustment, the pink layer becomes stronger. We start with something about 2 inches for each session. The pink around me is over 2 yards! And with #5, you may need this one on the regular! It deals with our creativity, so we may need this one often if we keep losing our creative inspirations.