Now today is going to be another day asking you to seek for new interpretations about the situations you find yourself in. We are currently learning to drop the idea that our lives are ONLY to be high like cocaine. We are learning to savor the low feelings knowing they are there for GOOD REASON. Just like one of my clients who is in Shaman School, and she talks about how it forces her to face HER THINGS and to dig deeper into HER life – versus how so many of us only want to think it is THE OTHER that has the problem. Do honest soul work and you see it's all about YOU.

And today is going to be where we are influenced by others and the test will be to see how we respond to this limiting or depressive force. Do you now process this in a negative way where you lose steam about your own dreams? OR do you take this provocation and step up stronger in coming out of the shadows to continue on with how YOU wish things will be.

We talked yesterday about the law of attraction and how many teachers of this concept come from privilege and now they want you to believe that no matter where you are, you can create what they did. BUT. If they don’t know the gutter or poverty or neglect and abuse, they are preaching as the mountain guide who got a helicopter ride to the top. And that may work for some people, but not the ones who TRULY know the short end of the stick.

So I want you to sit with the idea that your thoughts and intentions are 50% of what is happening to you, but there is a whole other story of why you are here on Earth and it deals with particular lessons your soul is here to learn. That is the 50% that is like you driving on a highway where all these other cars ARE coming for you. So you may be able to say, I will manifest this dream job, as you compete with 30 other people saying the same, but the bottom line is that only one person will get the job. And does that mean that the others did not breathe correctly or tap long enough or stay focused hard enough on being the winner?

There are so many problematic interpretations when we want to apply a blanket statement to imply that we all are manifesting everything that comes our way. What about lymes disease? What about getting hit by a car and being paralyzed? What about a baby dying? What about being sexually abused? What about having mental issues? Yes, you can do the work and face your things and learn to speak more loving about yourself and your future and YOU WILL manifest better life situations! 100% this is the truth. BUT. There still is a whole story playing out that needs you in certain situations learning certain things.

I am here FOR the underdogs. I always have been. It's never a question that I do not favor those with privilege who ARE the ones you see as your teachers and leaders who learned the easy way and who only really want the easy way in life. And the ONLY PEOPLE who are there for the underdogs are people who WERE the underdogs. Others can't relate. I can relate to being raised with zero value and not one word encouraging me to be anything other than a pile of trash. So. I HAD to walk that in order to be focused in the ways I am now. I could not have come from wealth, love and support and be anything other than scared of catching what those that are suffering are going through.

I know that if you haven’t seen something, it's easy to NOT manifest it. But if you have seen all these horrors in life, that everyone who grew up in poverty knows, it is THAT MUCH HARDER to not keep manifesting. So the law of attraction is wonderful in helping you become a better person to yourself, but it is NOT everything. And paying for something to happen is not manifesting it, or at least not something to tout as an amazing law of attraction feat.

If you haven’t seen something,

It's EASY to not manifest it.

But if you have seen all the horrors in life

That everyone in poverty grew up seeing

It is that much harder

To not keep


So don’t follow the expectations of those

That don’t even know how low life can go.

It’s like taking in a different blood type.

It can end up doing you harm.


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