1:1 BEA | You and me working magic. 60 minutes

$200.00 USD

Allow me to set your energetic body straight and get you feeling 5D great! 

BEA is energy work for your emotional and ethereal bodies. In a BEA session I go into your body and can see what is going on.

But not only am I able to see it, but when there, I know exactly what to do to bring it to balance or shift it into better position or build up supports around it so that it can thrive. I don’t know why I feel so confident when in position, but I do know what to do in these sessions.

I am able to be this artist inside our bodies where I can help you level up through correcting things that are keeping you in 3d manifestations. I see what blocks in energy form.

1:1 BEA is an amazing 60 minute session where you first fill me in on everything going wrong in your life. You get to tell what is not working and how you wish things to be. This will help me figure out where we work first in your body.

I also will have your astrology chart, human design chart and your transits. So I can also answer and support in any way you wish!

I am gifted in manifesting you what you wish for when I feel passion for what you wish for. This session gets me wanting the best for you and adjusting things in your emotional and ethereal bodies to help make it ALL come true. 


BEA brings you back to feeling good. Everyone leaves with shiny eyes, and they ALWAYS feel better. When we heal on the inside, through energy healings, we see massive changes in our physical and in the world that we see.

BEA is a blessing that is not to be understood in how this could be, but enjoyed in that it is here to help us shift QUICKLY into living 5d and beyond.

You will arrive on time and share the space with a maximum of 12 other individuals. The session is designed to maximize every minute, but at the same time, it is slow and meditative. I will greet each participant individually, and you can either turn your microphone on to say hello or wave without speaking. It is important for me to connect with each of you before we begin the session.

Then, I will call out each name, and if yours is called, it means it is your turn. I will describe everything I see and do, and once I am done, I will inform you that the session is complete. This process will be repeated for every participant.

We will then proceed to run group chakra energy, starting slow and increasing the pace as we go. The session concludes with a rain shower or rose petal/rose water shower.

Finally, I will say goodbye to each participant, and you can go on your way, feeling transformed by the magical experience!

First, you tell me everything that is going on in your life that you want me to know about so that I can feel passion for helping you heal and correct and get into the best position.

Then I tell you what I see in HD or your transits or whatever comes to me.

Then we go in to do energy. I can do about 4 BEA adjustments in a session. But our session is catered to your needs, so it can be many adjustments that aren’t BEA sessions yet.

If we are together for 60 minutes, I like to do at least 30 to 40 minutes of energy. With 40 minutes of energy, it feels like 10 minutes pass!

If we are together for 30 minutes, I like to do at least 20 minutes of energy.

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