Group BEA Ancestral Wound Clearing | Mother & Father Wounds

$88.00 USD

This Group BEA class is what every one of you needs! In this VERY SPECIAL session, we call up 6 generations behind you, from your mother's and father's sides.

We can then see if any attachments came in at certain generations. We then call upon every cord that is not loving and empowering and remove it from 6 generations behind you. We clear any negative attachments and the patterns that deal with them out of all the bodies.

Then we bring in 5D white light from the 7th generation and move it up until it is finally goes through you, thus indicating your karmic connections are cleared out.

THIS IS A LIFE CHANGER FOR YOU and all the women and men behind you. This will change anyone still living and even if crossed over, it still shifts out of their system creating a new pattern for your family line to be.

This is a great Group BEA to do after FREE THE WITCHES! This is the final piece to get you completely cleared and ready to get up on stage and deliver your gifts!



Example of something I have seen in a Ancestral Wound Clearing. When we were working on the father side, I noticed that there were 2 people standing at each generation. I asked if someone had been adopted? She said, YES, her birth father had been adopted and her birth father also gave up parental rights for another person to be HER father. I saw that abandonment had gone down the family line and I cleared it so that SHE would not continue what her family line had been locked into. We CLEAR the karma.

Another fascinating thing with this healing is that if they are dead, they look like rippling water, and I see them in the physical if they are still alive. If they are a mixture of rippling water and physical, they are in line for crossing over in the next few years.