As we have been talking about, the eclipse season is here to get us to see WHAT WOUNDS are keeping us from manifesting our dreams. WE NEED to see what we are seeing, and we need the provocation from others who are triggering us into going low. If not for them, we may stay in denial! So do what you can to remain open as if you are on a ride going through a cave that is showing you certain things about what is standing in your way.

DO NOT fight back or get angry at what you are seeing because something from your past planted a virus that will keep you going for what pushes away what you want to see. It's the same as growing up feeling unloved and then pushing away all the people that WOULD love you.

Our wounds carve deep scars into our organic nature that get us jumping off path and accepting a life of less than. It creates exits on the highway that we otherwise would NOT take. But because we have been shown this other way, we keep taking that journey into the abyss and into where our pain is reinforced.

It is NOT OUR FAULT, and this situation does not need you shaming or blaming yourself for being SO BAD and making too many mistakes. It will be in the energy that you will want to beat yourself up for AGAIN manifesting what you do not want to see. BUT love. We never get to where we want to be by getting mad for not yet being there. The test asks you to be hopeful for what you just KNOW is around the corner up the way. Remember that it takes VALUING YOURSELF in order to see for some outcome that is positive in your future. When we don’t hold value, we naturally expect to be passed by and to YET AGAIN not get what we wish for. This is the most important space, and we need to shift our perspectives so that we give the new a chance to sneak on through where we have been fractured and are expecting to fail.

Today you need to step in as a new support system that encourages you to keep getting back up after each fall. Most of you would give so much care and compassion to your animals and will forgive them for everything they do wrong. You need to be this same way with yourself. You need to soften as you appraise your trial-and-error moves. You also need to think like a mother that is in the last week before birth and how they SO WANT THIS TO JUST END. Understand that you HAVE been under EXTREME pressure, but my love, it is just trying to get you to birth a better life where you WILL be nurtured and loved no matter how many mistakes you feel you have made. There is something FOR ALL OF YOU that is a gift that arrives when you really love yourself for the amazing human that you have grown into THROUGH all the chaos, abandonment, loss and letdown. Look at you STILL HERE and STILL believing that good will rise. You are such an inspiration! Keep your eyes on the prize because IT IS MANIFESTING SOON.



Through all the chaos



And letdown

Look at you STILL HERE

And STILL believing

That good will rise.

You are so close.

Keep that dream alive

Because it IS going to materialize.


The next 2 weeks explained.

Here is the support you wish you had.

Star Rise Guide #176


Star Rise Guide #176

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