TUESDAY 25 April

TODAY IS SO IMPORTANT!! We are moving into a space where we are facing our passive-aggressive ways that ultimately just deal with us NOT being able to speak up and share our truth. We get passive-aggressive when we are holding things inside that we aren’t bringing to the moment to be discussed and communicated. Our perception deals with not feeling seen or understood, so we feel hurt and then want to hurt others.

That we EVER want to hurt others is the root of where we need to start healing ourselves. To want to inflict pain or to remain unconscious to the pain of other living things is unacceptable. It is not okay that we say, HEY, notice me and value me and do what you can to NOT ruffle my feathers -- when we aren’t also putting that attention towards the pain that WE bring.

This is a confusing space we are in and many of you will feel hopeless or too damaged to achieve the dreams that you seek. But just know, we have to be clear from start to finish, which means from our insides to our outsides. It means we need to be honest when things hurt us, but honest IN THE MOMENT that they hurt us. It means we need to be IN the processes that rework pieces where we are committing to some clean-up job that hits into all our sensitive spaces. We ALL are walking hypocrites because we aren’t – from start to finish – sticking with our higher intentions. We do sneaky things that we think others don’t see, or we hide where we are not operating with integrity.

This energy wants you starting over in ways you have not wanted to face how you are doing something that goes against what you really want to manifest. It can be that you are hating on one thing but wanting another thing to manifest for you. My dear friend who is in her 70s was in the hospital a few days ago with a partially collapsed lung -- and she has COPD, and asthma, and she STILL smokes cigarettes. She is always upset that she doesn’t have her health or doesn’t have the energy to get things done. And she’s always coughing up tons of mucus as her body DOES NOT want her to smoke. I’m always encouraging her to stop smoking -- and being in the hospital for 3 days got her halfway through the withdrawal week that you just have to get through in order to really get the addiction out of your system. It's just 7 days. So I was like, YES baby! You are almost there. And she was like, well, I don’t know if I AM going to quit smoking.

So look at yourself honestly because we all want health or love or success or more money – but we are doing the opposite thing that will draw it our way? You can't eat tortured animals and think you will be happy and healthy. You can’t take in toxic things and expect to be alkaline. You can't say one thing and expect another thing to manifest. You can't talk about how much you DON’T have money and expect to see that you DO have money.

We must – from start to finish – be in the vibration of what we want to see BECOME our new lives. So we have to GIVE LOVE, GIVE MONEY, GIVE OUR TIME, GIVE OUR ATTENTION in order to then attract what we dream. And MOST OF YOU are going to have to face hard truths that need you really walking what you want to see manifest. If you want to be something, you can't do the things that push it away. We are in the school of hard knocks for a few weeks now -- and WE WILL GET what we need to see when all is said and done. So be resistant like my friend if you want, but the tides are shifting us to our true north and the challenges in our life are showing us the way.


It’s been an uphill battle

For most of you walking the eclipse energies.
Just remember, your wounded ways

Manifests you a life that will not make you happy.

So if you are pushed and pulled and prodded

To wake up to how YOU are taking yourself off course

BECAUSE of who and what hurt you

Consider it a blessing

That is getting you to discover your truth.


The next 2 weeks explained.

Here is the support you wish you had.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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