Okay then! We are in a new space, and you should feel some playfulness in your ways where something has you feeling more lighthearted. We will be looking back at simple things we recently accomplished, that were burdensome and heavy weights on our shoulders for so long. We are coming to a culmination point where we suddenly see that we ARE moving, and we aren’t even where we were weeks ago. Like, a shift HAS taken place. And today we smell a new season on the rise.

We have an extra exciting month of May on the way and these days leading up to are all about stepping into the love of life by altering our patterns -- and then finding that we want to do more things and we want to take advantage of whatever is our potential in life. We are ready to grow AND show – to move into areas AND to be more of our truth.

ALL OF YOU have been altered through extreme upgrades that I warned you about earlier this month. It has been ROUGH on most of you, and it wasn’t letting up until now. This means the depression is to lift and the creative ideas are to flourish like they never have before.

The truth is, we are to spend our existence being creative instead of on our phones or devices. We are to put fabric over that and paint that and figure out how to build that. We are to see that we have resources around us and that they just need our time and attention.

In these new energies, you can feel like a zombie when you are doing things that are not the best things for you. Things are very somatic in our bodies so we get up and do something else.

Your room needs music going and you tinkering about. We have to stop beating ourselves up for not being where we want to be THROUGH getting up and changing the pattern. It just takes us taking a few steps into the new thing. Even if we don’t know where to start, just open one box. Don’t think of all that needs to be done, focus on one little spot and go from there. I just found this container of all these old clothes I loved, that I don’t fit into anymore, but I WILL, and finding them after years of not knowing where they were, really inspired me to want to get back to that size so I can wear them again!

And it is garage sale season, so you are better spent driving around looking for new passed-on goodies to use and love on. OR, look around at your house and name what you want to see improved. Do you want new dishes that aren’t full of toxins and that are made by local artisans? Then decide that you would love something like that -- and then HOPE to find dishes in the next couple of seasons of yard sale shopping explorations.

Remember. We are learning to be okay with not having it all right now. And to also not just make big box purchases because we think it will help us feel better -- and to commit to wanting to NOT keep supporting big corporations that are just drug dealers.

What we need is already out there and LOCAL. We just need to create our lists and wait for these amazing deals that feel SO MUCH BETTER at the checkout line. It feels so good to hand a human money that goes to that human – and not to taxes and corporations.

Also, do you want to start growing food? Maybe start with an herb garden or start researching the foods you want to grow and the process it will take to get them eventually into your belly. It’s time to step into exalted living and it all starts from making space to look at your life in creative ways. When you just write it out or meditate into the creation of something, you are at peace and your vibration is healing your future manifestations. We HEAL when we create, and it calms our system so that we can look out with more compassion. It is a win-win for all when we go crafty.

We HEAL when we create,

and it calms our system

so that we can look out

with more compassion.

It is a win-win for all

when we go crafty.


The next 2 weeks explained.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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