The High Vibration Handbooks | 40 Days Access

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This listing is for 40 DAY ACCESS for $40 or come here to get ONE YEAR ACCESS for $120.


STEP 1: 

The journey begins with the 40 Day Mental Cleanse where each day you learn from The High Vibration Handbooks. Each day you will get an email or notification from the app that a new lesson is unveiled. Each lesson comes through a video with hand illustrated teachings. Most days the message will be delivered in under 10 minutes.  We won't keep you long, but we will imprint you instantly and forever.


On day 41, you will be invited into The Freedom Feed, our private social networking site. When in here, you get to go full peacock in whatever you want to share, and with a community that is speaking the same (high vibration handbooks) language. Our feed will be a safe space to talk about your life, your feelings, your offerings, your dreams, and whatever you want to share with the community. We also have a space to sell things and also reach out to others for whatever it is you are looking for. Our only expectation is we are RATED L: Love and Light.


Also on day 41, you will have access to our Community Rooms. Some will have general topics, like Astrology and Human Design, where we will offer readers for you to choose from, but others will be for authorities, healers, teachers, artists who want to build a community and have their own private space within The School of New Thoughts. Think of a warehouse artistic space, and the private rooms are the studios inside. Everyone with a private room also goes through the 40 Day Mental Cleanse before offering their services to us. 



None of the teachings are repeated from others. This is not a course where we researched what was out there already and compiled it through our own voice. Everything shared is what I discovered over the past decade through walking life. These are the tools I share with my 1:1 clients.

The teachings are shared via daily video with hand drawn illustrations. Not only am I bringing you original material, but I'm drawing it all out for you to SEE the teachings.

NOBODY gets to read the handbooks in one day and NOT go through the 40 day process. No one gets to cut in line and get further up in the teachings. They begin when you join, and then you go day by day until they are completed. Perfect reason to join TODAY.

The High Vibration Handbooks is NOT a book you can purchase! It is a course that keeps you going slow as we teach you life altering, consciousness shifting information.

I was told I would write the High VIbration Handbook in 2006. And in 2015 I started creating and compiling the teachings. 18 years later, and during the exact nodal cycle return, I'm launching the work of art. The only change is that I put an S on the end and turned them into cute little books that I use for the video teachings.

Everyone is counted and matters when they go through the 40 Day Mental Cleanse. You get a number based on when you join. I'm #1. When you are invited into the Rainbow Feed, you will hear what number you are, and we will welcome you in by first name and last initial for the rest of the community to know you have arrived. 

All of our Human Design Analysts, Astrology Readers, Healers, Guides are listed by the YEARS they have done their work. The longer you have done what is your gift, the higher you are on the list for others to choose from. We also promote and share our Private Room authorities. When under our wing, we work to support all.

Every 7 days, except towards the end, we have a RECAP day where I am face to face in a video with you, where as most of the teachings are of a video of the books and my hands doing their Italian expressions. So even if you can't check in daily to keep up, there will be a day to catch up.

We have 2 options for entry! You can join for JUST the 40 days for $40, or you can be in the teaching course for ONE YEAR at $120. This means the emails will always be coming, but after 40 days, you go back to day 1. We WILL be making upgrades as we go, with new videos, extra teachings and things that come up, but it also means you will be in on all the comments new students are making! So that could be fun. 

The High Vibration Handbooks are ALWAYS open. This is not a course that you have to wait for as it's ready when YOU are ready. You also will want to get your friends in on this, and your partner and your kids! It is even safe for kids as the teachings ARE very creative and like a children's book. When you get in here you will see that you WANT your kids learning these tools too. 


FIRST SESSION BEGINS at the end of JUNE 2024 ------ 

This is everything you have dreamed for and it WILL create your very own shift in consciousness. You cant help but go UP after learning what you will -- and you will NEVER see in the old world ways again. Rather, you will have the High VIbration Handbooks guiding you every step of the way so that you DO know what to do and DO know how to handle things.

+ We launch our new system at the end of June.  If you are purchasing before we FIRST launch, we will invite you in or send updates to the email you sign up with.