GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Okay we have some diverse energies going on today that will affect us all in different ways. This is something like getting on the scale or getting an x-ray where we are really seeing the truth of the matter. This little weigh-in deals with checking our systems to see if we really can hold the hope for a better future and the will to want to get up and do whatever it takes.

If we are not yet there, we may feel super confused today and not know where to go. But things may feel larger and more extreme than we are used to. We can feel really dramatic in seeing that something is wrong, and we maybe are to blame. Questions can be all over the place and with a focus on seeing the bad in things. We can really convince ourselves that it all is a waste, and that we are too far gone.

BUT. That is just the illusion getting you to see that something is still in your system that is toxic to your future manifestations. Kind of like making sure you have all the paperwork before you go into the DMV. You DO NOT want to go there unprepared -- and then have to make a return visit. We need to be tested so that we see if we still have toxins and if we still need to cleanse and remove what could hold us back in the future. Most likely, we do. It takes eons to get really clean and clear in our systems.

And now is when we will discover what our bodies say about what we need to change. So if you get a “positive” test result declaring a negative outcome, surrender and ask what this is asking of you. We got to purge in order to create a clean slate to work from. So whatever we learn is a blessing for us to see. Don’t get down, get to surrendering and trust that this means something important, because it does. You just don’t have all the pieces just yet.

Remember that all of us are shifting at this time and WILL IN MAY 2023. But how it happens is that you will be TOTALLY bogged down and overwhelmed by so much being out of order and then over a few days suddenly many things will fall into place. We don’t know when our days are coming, but it can feel like getting a colonic, bodywork, massage, teeth cleaning, new glasses, tuneup and detailing on your car, AND a new love or soul-connected friend to play with. You will feel alive in wanting to enjoy your life and tinker about with the feeling of renewal. When you lose weight or get your body into a view that you love to see, you walk differently, especially if you had heaploads of weight to lose.

If you REALLY travel far, the journey into the life of your dreams will have you walking on air. And YOU ALL are moving into a space of walking on air, and it is because of how much you suffered and how much now it's time to move to the other side of that pain. Embrace the new cycle that wants to take you on a better ride. The story is NOT YET TOLD, and you are in the middle of a space that has to be in order to get you growing steam to fly high into your next chapter. Sometimes we got to run a bit to help our kites fly, but in this energy, IF you run, it will go sky high. Let's get you out of the old mold and into a sweet space that loves on you. It’s time to embrace the winds of change.

All of us shift in May 2023.

This is when we discover the dream.

So don’t get down on what needs you

unpacking it out of your life.

Lighten your load and

Your vibration will rise

to greet

What is most beautiful to your eyes.


The next 2 weeks explained.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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