Sunday 15 October

2  3  5 | 27 Libra to 9 Scorpio


Well hello S U N D A Y!

You all have been THROUGH IT. Many of you feel so tired that you can't even do a thing, also because you are seeing so much that you can't DECIDE what to do. I suggest you play it low-key and just listen to what your body is asking for. You can rest and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I encourage everyone to STOP whenever they can’t make a decision, or they feel sick in their body with depression, and to get outside and sit on the ground and do absolutely nothing. I want you to be in nature and just hold a respective state to HEAR what you next need to know. 

Anytime you can't make a decision, don’t make one!!! This means wait it out and allow things to settle so that clarity can be what guides you safely. If chaos rules the mind, then do everything to calm the voices and distract yourself with nature's beauty. I suggest you look for 5 things that you haven’t noticed before, and YOU WILL SEE that when you get to 5 you will feel better. Sometimes we are just so glued to what is wrong that we get so low, like with anemia, and then we CAN'T lift ourselves up. So as you drive or walk or are in a new place, intentionally seek to find a new thing to see. This is helping us get out of deep ruts of pain and it is a simple way to shift our focus. Oh, look at that! Haven't even noticed that before! Look for the new and allow it to help you to remove yourself from the OLD view. 

Now, there will be a shift that occurs later in the day where you will feel driven to create new disciplines around ideas for what you want to grow into. So you WILL start to get serious in realizing you HAVE to change and that what you have been doing is only hurting you. I have a new BEA adjustment where I can focus on this part of your brain and help you to see what you are doing that is an addiction or pattern that is detrimental to your growth. When I make it “sensitive” it helps you to stop in your tracks when you are doing what you KNOW is not going to serve you. 

Otherwise, we DO tend to go into the pain and do exactly what destroys our faith in self and our visions. We tend to do exactly what we shouldn’t do. Like, we KNOW social media scrolling is putting our sacred energies into a suspectable position where MOST LIKELY we will see something that makes us think we are not doing enough. So we have to adult ourselves into NOT doing it. Later in the day, you will start to rise in feeling more powerful and on purpose in KNOWING you are where you are supposed to be, and this moment is to get YOU creating something better for yourself.

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