Monday 16 October

2  4  6 | 10 to 23 Scorpio


Well hello M O N D A Y! 

Okay loves. We have a bit of rough waters as we move through the Eclipse season energies. Something has people on their last thread and showing extreme frustration over anything and everything that stands in their way. But this energy is all about bringing catalystic situations to bust apart what is NOT going to work for us in the future. 

We DO wish things could be easy as they provoke us to stand up for ourselves or believe that we deserve better. But that is not how it is going down because what is moving you to change is also getting you to show more power. Just like when you do something that you were nervous about or didn’t think you could really do, but then you DO IT, and you change BECAUSE of actually doing it. So, we all are coming out of our comfort zones and are NOT where things are soft and pretty just yet, but there is something here that wants us to show the power we truly do possess. We all are going to be saying, WOW, I CAN DO IT!!! Who knew?

For this reason, expect discomfort but don’t run from it. The squeeze will make you think you are doomed or too far gone, but it just wants you to stay with this and keep moving into what is asking you to change. 

There are surprises at the end of this journey, and it will be just like what happened to me when I stood up to my landlord assaulting me in my home and then filming me in distress – when you could see he was getting off on it. That was the first time I called the police and felt strong as fuck as I finally stopped looking the other way and just letting things go as my empathy makes me feel sorry for others that could experience pain. To sue him IS going to bring him pain, and the old me would have stopped over that. The new me is not going to stop. He brought so much trauma into what should have been a safe space, and I won’t let him get away with it again because I have heard so many stories of tenants he has tortured in this same way. All the tenants go down to Sol Market in Arroyo Seco and spill the beans to the amazing people who work there, so they were like, OH YES, you have THAT landlord.

So be open to not understanding why you are being triggered but keep with what is manifesting for you because it somehow deals with you letting something go that wasn’t serving you, and amplifying a new way of being that WILL open doors and get new opportunities coming your way. Sometimes the whole test is just us standing up for our rights and not being snuffed out by dominating forces that want us to obey and stay in line. Sometimes the whole point is just creating a new pattern and new cycle of how life will treat you. So stand proud of who you are and seek light for how you want things to be. Whatever does not align harmoniously will shine brightly for you to finally and truly see how different YOU NEED TO BE.

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