Saturday 14 SOLAR ECLIPSE in Libra

1  2  3 | 15 to 26 Libra

New Moon Solar Eclipse 21 degrees Libra 11:55am


Well hello S A T U R D A Y! 

Oh hello MOON! We love when you go SOLAR ECLIPSE in Libra and get us to REALLY notice how mental we are about life! What we are most learning in these times is that to be mental is to risk making a whole shit ton of “mistakes” that SEEM like they are the best thing as we THINK about them -- but then they often turn out to be learning lessons. To be mental is to be wired for the old-world ways and to really give energy to thinking you need to follow some rulebook created by others, and that you CAN get it wrong. To be mental means you WILL have mental health issues because your voice inside is allowed to talk to you AS PER however you have been talked to in your past. 

So mental spaces are like the internet where no one is checking to make sure the leaders are actually authorities and should be influencing you. The internet rises to show you influencers as per how much they pay to be there. So, it is as fake and inauthentic as what can be happening in your mind. This is why I warn all the people who feel like they are powerful originators to stay off the internet so as to not catch the virus that wants you to just make money and attention the main reasons for being there.

Just like with these harmful drugs and pharmaceuticals we take into our systems, once we take them in, we need more and more and more just to function. So we get stuck in this purchasing of what should be a walk up the mountain that happens organically. Instead, we stay in our minds and say THAT PERSON is doing THAT to get attention, so I must need to do the same?? Then we all become internet replicas and copy and paste and water down powerful messages SO THAT we can get that rush of LOVE FOR SELF that comes when we get attention.

As we see, the energies want you to love yourself so much that you don’t need the cocaine rushes to affirm that you are worthy of success, happiness, and a harmonious life. And that only comes when we stop giving our minds authority when ultimately, it does not operate as a best friend. Your mind just needs to be the support system of what your body is telling you -- and otherwise, it needs to be quiet. And this will take decades to reformat what was put into place to BE what determines who you really are for the world to see. Just know that you are NOT SUPPOSED to have a voice inside that talks about what a loser and how unlovable you are.

The wounded behind you planted those toxic seeds and now it's time to remove them and plant loving seeds. You will only do this for yourself if you value yourself. So, start today holding protection around what occurs in your brain with how it talks about things – because it is 100% NOT OKAY to belittle yourself and to spend energy planting future manifestations of pathetic visions of where you think you will be. What is in your mind WILL become your reality. So -- value yourself today, speak love as the interpretation of what you have come from, and things WILL get better down the way. Your new world STARTS TODAY.

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