tuesday 11 january

Today is going to bring a bit of a test in making sure that you are ready to let go of your old world pattern and step into the dedication in growing the best new crop of your life. This time is to get you amped up in seeing that you have to take some spontaneous reach for what feels like it offers you a home in the world and reasons to see for better times in the future.

There is a clash between life and death, and situations will be coming in to pull you into feeling obligated to follow through – even though it feels like it's moving you closer to death. So, expect a bit of limitation in freely being able to jump into a new space, where there are things for you to clean up and put into a better position. You may feel like there are some shackles and it seems to be more of a sign in getting you to look at the interpretation you give to what is keeping you stuck and anchored in something that is limiting you.

This deals with something that was a yes in your past, but has changed into a no, and it's on you to treat it with respect as you politely unlock yourself and reach to another height. But it is NOT about a break that is done with anything but grace because this is a test for you to be a better human EVEN when in challenging situations that are forcing you to grow.

You also are in the realm of relationships and there will be something stuck that needs to be moved past. It can be something where you want to just push it in the closet and ignore it, but this time needs us all going high vibe in how be bring change into the lives of those around us BECAUSE we are changing and needing more in our relationships, careers and where we position ourselves on Earth. If the water has run dry, we have to migrate and consider that something else will sustain us. Or, we can stay and think that things will work out on their own and it is better to oblige with what is already going on.

Just know that we AREN’T being tested to stay quiet and hope for the best when in something that has grown wrong – we are to be vocal about our needs and expressing how we feel while also hoping that something fair for all will arrive. But the waters are choppy for many of you because you HAVE stayed quiet, and you HAVE just followed along. So, expect to go deep into the issues that need you being honest about things that you haven’t shown before. You may even get furious today in wanting to rip the roots out and even break them if need be.

But don’t go that path. You are showing a higher version that is standing in truth and bringing love to the equations that no longer add up. Use your voice to come out of the lines, if need be, but do it with love and respect for what WAS a fit in your past. If you have to jump ships, you have to do it New Earth style. And that means considering all while standing firm in the love language of your own heart.


11 January 2022

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Uranus. Moon/Saturn.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Uranus. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 19 Taurus.



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