wednesday 12 january

Okay then. We are stepping back into our old world way that needs us applying the upgrades and solutions to clear the path for us to walk into our new world. BUT. There are boundaries to be declared, and to be honored, as we work with others to voice the new song of our heart that needs to create big change in order to keep with what you feel is your destiny to follow.

So, we have to be brave today and it is being asked that we think in ways of bringing what was not brought to us in the first place. Where we have been left dry and in need in our past, we are to show up in true form and give exactly what we never got. It means we have to rise higher as we clear our throats to declare our needs and the uprootment of where we SAID we would be.

The cycle of life is constant, and nothing ever stays the same. This means all stuck situations open and bring a new hope eventually, but it also means that our hearts do not love the same things in the same way forever. We evolve and change on the daily. We love the idea of makeup in our youth and then we get older and love to show the real person underneath. We love to eat fast food in our youth but then we get older and we really care about what we put in our body, so we learn to love the art of cooking our own food. To cook your own food is to show self-love – it is you taking care of you.

But all things are like seasons where we are 100% in them, and then they grow old and we yearn for something new. AND -- we can NEVER know IF or when we will come upon a time where this relationship, this career, this life without being in therapy, this location, these people NO LONGER feel like they fit you -- like a season of rice and burrito eating and pants that now cut off your circulation. When things don’t fit, they get real loud and attention getting.

And now it is on you to walk the change with love and grace and patience as you do it all from a higher way of being. We don’t have to fight to make our points or get ugly when our seasons change. That was the old world way. We are to merge and re-merge with harmony in mind and new stories about how crops grow and how sometimes the soil needs a rest, and it requires we move to a new level in order to continue our livelihood and not totally deplete the soil that is no longer providing in the way it used to.

Change is upon us all and now we need to be what we have worked so hard at being and show ourselves expressing as the beauty we long to see in the world. Even if the going gets tough, it's time for you to get kinder with how you make your feelings known, and don’t let go even if you are shamed for thinking of yourself and going for your dreams. The waters are rocky for good reason, but they are just testing you to walk your talk and be better at working with others as we all move in different directions.


12 January 2022



MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Taurus to 1 Gemini



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