monday 10 january

Today says that what you put out there is coming back to you in a SUPER BIG way that hits to the core of your being and awakens a new plan of transformation that takes you super deep.

We are pulled into the feeling of something that moves us to be better peoples and to really go into the process of what it will take to rebuild and initiate some dream. Our feelings are to be strong, but they aren’t to be seen as cut and dry, OR impossible to pass -- they are to say, HEY, THIS IS SOMETHING. But the path through this cave of exploration is to take place in its own slow and steady pace.

We may feel fired up into a certain emotional space, but we just need to get comfy in the depth and curious as it is bringing us what we need to heal to rise stronger later in the year. This is very much about a seed planting for a new dream to grow that has new sides of you wanting to explore, but that IS still very mysterious and unknown. The reason we have this sort of experience right now is because we are learning to be patient with the growing process and to get over thinking we need it all right now – which has led to generations on overload and not able to get joy from many things in life.

When you know it all, you keep the mystery from holding presence in your life. We need mystery to keep us going!! We need to be in the hidden in order to grow appreciation for when finally something is found. It is a process that the internet feeds us like drugs where we can't discipline ourselves to slow down and take it easy with the journey. Again, when you don’t feel self-love, you race for everything -- because you see it as being affirmation that proves you are loving or worth it all. You can't say no to things when you don’t love yourself.

When you love yourself, you learn to have strong and kind boundaries that inform but that don’t dominate or extinguish what does not resonate. This is like having boundaries or walls. Boundaries come the very moment an alarm goes off and they are 100% with love because they are not placed in the hate. But walls come when we have waited too long to speak our feelings on things and then we lash out a wall that we call a boundary, and we strut ourselves away as if we did the powerful thing. Walls put others in their place, boundaries inform them of the way.

But again – it all comes from self-love. From what we are inside, we believe what we can be. It is everything. And to make the most of 2022, we have got to do the work that gets us manifesting the things that are beyond our wildest dreams BECAUSE we love ourselves so. The children of the Great Mystery are to know that they can have it all and that fun and sensual and playful things ARE possible daily ways to enjoy life. We are to see that a new crop is asking us what we really want to eat in the future and what we are willing to dedicate ourselves towards mastery in keeping with what is forming now. Take time to love on yourself as you learn to love on others around you. From within will get you everything you dream. Focus patiently into this new ball of clay that is finally here for you to lovingly work through.

You are going to want to touch new things and to even start new habits around using your hands more. Understand that all of this is connecting you to your truth and to what THAT voice has to say about things. Consider investing into something that satisfies your creativity and supplies new avenues for expression. Now is when you are to fully start that thing you have been thinking long over.


10 January 2022



MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 26 Aries to 7 Taurus.



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