tuesday 14 december

Good morning sweet pie! Today comes with a bit of a teaching to help us process the war that is on in trying to keep the love from rising. Fear makes more money than love and it's why there is such a push to keep shoving nightmarish things into our consciousness so that we forget who we are and what really is our potential.

But. The Great Mystery is a beautiful thing and what we don’t always understand, or even get to see, is that things always still backfire into something that moves it forward. What is done, that is done with wrong intentions, still opens something else to be understood that moves things along in a better direction. You can't shut down part of a balloon without it expanding and going into another area.

FOR EXAMPLE. I’m from St. Louis, and on Giving Tuesday, Facebook shut down one of my favorite rescue pages to watch, @strayrescueSTL. So, on their biggest donation day, they lose the biggest way they normally source donations -- because of showing graphic pictures that go against whatever and whatever. I would never have guessed they were violating anything because their pictures are pretty tame. Anyway. It was a traumatic thing to see and to have no control over this force that can just rip you away from our attention -- and purposefully sabotage you from thriving.

This is an example of how the old world is trying to stop what is good for all of humanity – BUT there will always be backfires now that still bring about good movement. And what happened with these folks is that they still had their Instagram account, so they voiced the woe of OMG!! – and what it did is that it got all these people with influence to step up and use their platform to get the word out that we need to donate to them so they can remain a NO KILL SHELTER. They say yes to all the cats and dogs! But they need money to be able to do that.

So, the devastation got people to step up when OTHERWISE THEY PROBABLY WOULD HAVE NOT. Something else would have filled their day. But to see such injustice got them rising to see if they could help out in bringing more attention their way. I discovered it a day late, but I’m letting you know about them now! You should follow! You can really feel the love for what they do and the love in sharing it with us followers.

So -- things can be happening in our world that feel like attacks or where something really unfair was allowed to take place – but you just need to be like a child and see for some other force being in control of this and NEEDING THINGS to be this certain way. When bad things happen, people talk, and they start to come together to see what they can do in a grassroots sort of way. But before the friction, they were just going along and being busy with life. Rises and peaks and loud noises that are SO WRONG are really blessings getting us to start talking and joining as one. There is a way out and YOU were born to see for it.


14 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Saturn.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Saturn.

MOON PHASE: start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 1 to 10 Taurus



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