monday 13 december

OH WOW. Today gets even better for those who already are feeling this exalted love connection inside that is having you look out at things with more compassionate eyes.

What we ended with yesterday in the reading was talking about how we ARE NOT to blame those who are wounded for the crooked ways they act in life. And being that we all are wounded, we all walk crooked in certain ways depending on what wounded us.

What this all boils down to though is that we are to never be mean with others who make choices we would not make. It is a dark thing to hold thoughts like that over others – and it is something that sucks the life out of our own lives. If you spend time judging and hating on others, spreading their disgrace with joy at getting people to feel the same as you, you are basically just keeping your windows open at night in the winter (northern hemisphere), and you won't be able to fully heat your home or light up your life into the potential it COULD be.

We are going to see clearly that those who do good and really have a tongue that doesn’t get off on smearing other people and making them look smaller in the eyes of others ARE thriving at this time. It is the way to be, and it feels good to empower others to want to become better themselves.

This energy can feel shocking to many in that you won't even give a seconds thought before jumping into action where positive affirmation needs to be applied. The days of burying others alive because we don’t like what they did are over. MOSTLY because if you wish it for another, it will be done to you. The new energy does not understand that you want to wish this dark future on another. It will only hear that you want others to hate this person or to not support them or to think of them as evil and in need of being cancelled, and it will deliver all of this to your house. The takeout you thought was going to others is actually coming right back to you.

So, it DOES NOT pay to use mean words and to have thoughts that envision pain for others. Things are manifesting so quickly so that we all really wake up at this time. And for that reason, some of you are feeling buried alive and inundated with now feeling like you are being crushed. Just be open to seeing that the scales of balance are swinging where they need to be so that we awaken to how right or wrong WE still are getting things.

And again, no blame on the wounded, but at some point, the wounded steps into the process of becoming the wounded healer. For many, it comes when we hit rock bottom and really do feel like all the water and money has run dry. So, if you find yourself here, go to your heart and see how you can be more loving about what you are expressing with anger or hatred. See how you can see the woundedness in others, in our system, in the governments, in it all – and NOT hate it for how wrong it is.

Do you want others hating you for all the mistakes you have made and how many people and animals you have hurt? No. You don’t want to be remembered for where you got things wrong because you were not taught how to correctly be. You want to show others that you can grow and change and be better.

And when you see that for others to, we are on the road to world peace. And the more of you that make the connection, the sooner we get to a world that won’t stress us out so much like it does. The disfunction is in every fabric of the current state of things. So we have to upgrade your love nature in massive ways to get you seeing with hearts in your eyes as you look at all the mean things – and not make it worse with fuel to flame, where you then burn up your own future dreams.


13 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: start to get the ball rolling.

MOON DEGREES: 17 to 30 Aries



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