LEO READING | full moon in aquarius

Okay love! This is going to bring a big change that deals with your career and the role that others see you playing. A sudden move is to bring an opportunity where you will be seen for your creative gifts as some seed is planted letting you know you need to keep with growing this crop that is creative and what you love to do. You are to do things different and where you dance with others in ways where you are true to your heart instead of responding to how they take you. You may be in situations where you are needing to come to the other side of a relationship that now needs to transform as you will be learning to value yourself more and to understand what is a yes and what is clear as day as being something that resonates.

This will kind of feel like you are being reborn and you will want to show yourself different because of the changes going on in your relationships. You may be growing stronger ties and a commitment into something that is serious and long standing. There may be some strong declaration of love or a knowing that there is a way to get your soul’s purpose work becoming something that grounds you and supports you living in these other ways. Where you stand is like when we are in spring and about to grow a new crop of your dreams. As you are changing, your needs are growing stronger where you aren’t thinking in scarcity, or chasing the mainstream ideologies, but instead are getting down to the details of what it will take to discipline your creative gifts into something that the world sees and appreciates. There are avenues for you to explore and expand into, but they need you first seeing that you have a place with what you love to do. 

How this energy goes is that you are to feel fragmented by others, and this gets you going deep into why they are in your life - and then there will be an unraveling as you figure out what in you allowed them to now provoke you into growth. There is nothing but goodness to the challenges in the dances with others, but your voice does need to be heard and it needs to be where you are getting clear on how others feel to you and how it makes you feel like you don’t have any worth. It's time to clear the air because what got you in trouble is that you weren’t honest with your feelings on things, and you stayed in the dark because of some dominating factor or not wanting to rock the boat or potentially lose something. But at this time, you are to be strong with your convictions and clear when things don’t feel right. It is a great time to go into the depth of matters like debt or marriage or getting into the contracts you have that keep you following others and staying prescribed to the old-world ways of processing things.

You are soon going to be diving headfirst into a creative space that feels like you have so many ideas when before you were blocked. Things are to inspire you to see that you need self-care in order to then awaken to all the creative inspiration. And often, like at times like now, you will see areas of your life fall away or for you to have to let go of a plan that you thought you could count on, in order to get some other area growing and expanding. Some part of your path needs you believing in your creative gifts when you weren’t as much last year. This is to be a 2nd coming where you suddenly connect what before was stuck and not moving. 

But this time is really to get you open to the wonder of what can come after the discipline of watering your field every day and not seeing any growth for a while. The process of you sticking with some big project is now going to start paying off with sudden and surprising ways where people will see you and want to help further your goals. This means you are to be conscious of how you are changing -- and to keep pushing to do things not so automatic. If you start to feel insecure and want to hide, instead make eye contact and force yourself to show up. Don’t just take how you want to turn insecure and think you don’t got it going on. Instead lean into the pain of keeping it real because at this time, you will be rewarded, and it will get things moving in about a month that deal with talking and sharing more and really enjoying being in places where beautiful things are on the minds. You are going to be talking more in new ways that are about making a difference or working with groups and sharing in some celebration. 

You also are going to be surprised by what the Great Mystery delivers you because it brings something to your foundation that deals with something that will eventually help you feel more powerful. This will be asking you to trust more and go into the depth knowing it is schooling you for something better. You don’t have to allow confusion to be a negative. See that beauty will come from all beastly things and know that in some way this will deepen your art and get you more connected to building your career based on the fuel of your creative gifts. 

Scarcity thoughts may rise – so, take this challenge and plant a seed that you ARE going to overcome anything. Don’t see how you don’t have a place and may need to fight for what you want. Don’t deal as if you are anything other than royalty. Step up and talk with the beauty that surrenders into complicated spaces with grace – anticipating that things are growing just fine in their own organic ways. Just as rain storms have to come in order to get the wildflowers growing. There MUST be an abrupt change that comes with an unusual force. So allow the rain to come but do stay present and solid with anticipation for the bright colors that will be created. You are in new steps of a masterpiece that will birth within a year. So own it like a boss and design it with high integrity every confusing step of the way.

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