CANCER READING | full moon in aquarius

This is going to create a nice shift where something out of the blue with your groups or friends comes in to get you inspired about your art and doing creative things with your writing or ideas. Things out in the world affirm that something is changing, and things are speeding up and getting busy! You also will go through a distinct shift where you do feel a bit low and in fear over money or debt or something that is out of your control. This may be with a partnership and how they are going through something that you can't help but go through too.

You will be getting around some corner where you are seeing the light again and this is going to be super inspiring because you will see that there is a way out and there is still room to grow into. You don’t need to know where you are going, but you do need to believe in a dream and to see that you can support yourself from your creative gifts. We need you finding your way out of the old paradigm and into something that you navigate with your feelings and with a childlike enthusiasm hoping for some wild and wonderful thing to take place. You are being asked to believe in light ways where something will come together that sees something you have been working on or have kept hidden because stronger forces made you doubt what you know. There is to be an awakening that gets you trusting yourself and honoring that you don’t have to see something to know it is true. 

There also can be many fears or sad feelings around regrets in your past where you weren’t conscious enough to value what was there and how to best process it. Do what you can to speak in glass half full ways because this time doesn’t want you beating yourself up for getting it wrong, and instead it is to inspire you to never get it wrong again. You have so much life still in front of you and you need to stop living in your past and staying stuck because you are following some rule book of people who don’t have any right to influence you. You are not to be a follower and to not try to just make everyone else’s life feel easier. 

You are to move on things that feel wrong and be stronger with boundaries whenever you are being led astray by others. You know when something doesn’t feel right and now you need to put the words to these things and be honest about your needs. There are lots of secret demons in your energy where you are being tempted to not trust yourself and to not take some leap of faith or risk of the heart. But know that as you step into a new chapter, that arrives in the next few weeks, you are going to be grateful for the stands you are making and the ways you are wanting to express yourself new. There are things to be put into better balance, and this moment is when things really start to get the ball rolling.

You are 100% going to be crossing a bridge in the near future that deals with you handling the flows of life in a new way where you embody wisdom that the world needs. This means you are going to step into roles that offer support and that are about keeping it real and going deep. You will be a leader after you learn to deep sea dive and discover ways to heal and bring peace to things. Value the journey and know that you walking it and trusting it is what gets you to the next levels where you get to make a difference in bigger ways. Things are planting now, and you will see growth over the next year. But understand that you are leading the way into how others need to be around dysfunction or fears and how we are to grow stronger and more determined because of what we overcome – that often we don’t think we can handle in the first place. For this reason, see that you are in a bit of a schooling to make sure your wording and intent is still hoping for the best and knowing that the waves of life are not to hurt us but to lift us to new spaces that need the energy of the down to move them. You are to be shifting into a space where you are receiving deep wisdom about your own path so that you respect what comes and not get down thinking it's all too overwhelming.

You also will be coming to the other side in regard to something that had you not feeling safe or where your stability has not been keeping you from feeling balanced in your brain. There is something that needs to transform and be faced about a childhood pattern or something with secrets that needs an upgraded solution because it's in your body and vibing something that brings confusion. You may even have dreams or images or flashes of things that keep bringing you back to something that you don’t understand. Just go with the flow and stay loose with it, but know there is something psychological and deep here and it deals with fractures needing to be healed or ways that need to be upgraded in how you process the pain.

There will be a reboot and start over that comes from what you confront and make special at this time. As your value rises, you will speak more about what before you would keep hidden. Do not let anyone dominate you with their ways because that is an old pattern keeping you quiet that now needs to transform where you stay solid and stand your ground as you lead us into the better ways of being. See that you ARE being called to write the new story for Earth and how we function. See how you are to think in ways that support growth, even if things feel too stunted or the forces too strong to overcome. If you feel dominated, it’s just asking you to be badass with it and show it who is boss. Come on baby. Move us into the better ways WHERE you can FEEL we need to be. You can trust the ways you are feeling called to bring change. The old does NOT need you following it any longer. Don’t contribute to what you know is not working.  Be unique with your authentic authority.

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