VIRGO READING | full moon in aquarius

hello love! 

This time will create a big shift where at first you will feel a bit wobbly and unsure, but then through forces coming in out of the blue, and not near to you, you will start walking in a new way and towards a new role that suddenly you are ready to step up into. This time is when things come when you least expect it, and they are to get you wanting to be more artistic in life or to believe in your creative dreams. You may hear or see of someone doing something you would love to do, and this gets you seeing that it can be done.

You also may be coming up with the inspired ways you want to change how others see you through the image of your website or social platforms. There will be growth around things that support your natural gifts and that in some way bring clarity to how we see them or how we translate what you dream of doing in life. This is where the radical change first takes place, and then it is to take you into a wonderland of creativity as you finally see things come together and make sense about ways you need to start a new garden and nurture a new crop into place.

What matters most is that you are learning to drive your car in more unique and assertive ways where you are seeing that you have a place in the world with what you are here to do, and then just trusting that things will come together to elevate you. There is fear around feeling you have no right to be, and this time now is working on your mental spaces so that you don’t ever see again that you don’t have a right to be! You don’t have to choose for things that don’t value the service you are to bring. You can say no and draw boundaries and see that better things come from you asserting with strong convictions around what you feel is right or wrong.

This time wants you stepping up more when things don’t feel right, but where you see for there being some way to bring this into healing; to use your energy to see into there being a solution and some way to upgrade what is not working. This time will be when you find home with your power, and it will change what you want to do with your life. Allow yourself to see that you are going towards what feels good and not what you have to compromise over or try to fit into place. In some way you have followed the status quo and have made the algorithms the leader of your inner pack. A correction takes place to shield you from what is trying to control you so that you can do things your way where you see it DOES work out. This space is golden for you when you put yourself forward and expect to be taken into some new role in life, and then just sit back and wait for the magic to find you. You ARE taking a leap of faith and it will require you risk it all for what your heart is telling you to do. Expect this leap to not be normal and to not be what others would do. This is your thing, and you won't know it is your thing until the feelings get activated in your body. The heightened sense of needing to serve will bring the creative solution you dream. TRUST THIS. Magic is in the reading for the Virgos who can play in the surrender of what is best to do.

You also will be slow to rise but, in a few days, you will be supersonic and motivated by things coming your way that move you to show yourself more clearly. Something about recent soul work is bringing motion to where something was stuck because it needed you seeing that you deserve this other option to come your way. But this also deals with letting go of an old way others saw you or with something you were doing in your day to day. You are to see that where you were was keeping your mind fragmented in trying to figure out too much of the mystery that now is hard for you to digest. 

You are moving into a new cycle where you listen to your feelings and your inner desires, and this is to bring about new plans and levels to step up into with your career, or the day to day scene. This is when you can get fired, and quickly hired or get some opportunity that shows up to let you know you deserve something better. Don’t be afraid if something breaks apart with work or leaves you feeling like you can't do this anymore. From the hammering in on your head, you will see this is NOT working for you and THEN your body will register a new vibration that opens to a new crop needing to hold you. Where you get fragmented, you are to open to a new solution where this thing will no longer hold you prisoner.

When change is on the rise, storms appear. Don’t be afraid! This means great things because now you are older and that heart of yours is going to place your offerings in higher value. We just need to hear YOU see and say that you need a better life. The energy will follow the wind of your new dreams – so be forgiving with what doesn’t work, but open to something quickly coming in to replace and replenish and get your life in a much better order. Be patient as your pieces align because you are building something special. And your voice needs to lift in making it clear that you are ready to get into position to serve and be wildly supported for what you innately love to do. Find your way out of thinking you don’t got a place, because darling, you just needed to wait for this energy rising as it aligns you on the rails again and moving quickly towards a better life than you ever thought was possible. See a new place and honor that steps don’t stay the same. Sometimes you got to step away from where you thought you would be and open to the mystery of a step you haven’t really experienced before. At this time, you are leaving a step because it is time to get you rising into new shoes and a new style that WILL get you some sweet attention.

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