MARCH 16 | Wednesday

Good morning sweet love! Today is all about stepping into a new pattern where you finally feel like you can get up and do what needs to be done. Many of you will still feel in the limbo, and in that case, do what you can to make a list of new plans and ideas for how you want to change. You are getting ready to switch lanes, but you still have responsibilities in your old lane. This means you may feel held back by what is already in place and in pain over not seeing the way to the new space you want to move into. 

DO NOT go low in this energy because there is nothing wrong and even clogged pipes can be shifted if you wait it out and be in a space where you are seeing that there MUST be a solution or answer that will show you the way. Things stopping up are just getting you to open your mind and look in other directions. Be playful with this energy and don’t get too judgmental on yourself if you aren’t moving at the speed you see others going. 

There is a big test to this day where you are to see others doubting you or even feel the pressure that you NEED to move, but if you don’t really feel good in your belly, it's NOT the time to leap. You are to stand solid in your own feelings, even if they don’t make sense to anyone around you. And if this means you need to lay on the couch all day and write out visions for your future, DO SO. Just know, the energy wants you seeing for a new day and not allowing your past or the pressures from others to be what moves you before your time. If they want to meet with you and you want to cancel, honor your own feelings because today there is a warning to not follow along when you feel like digging in your heels and doing your own thing. 

AND – if someone else cancels on you, be loving in how you hold it because this was them needing to value their own feelings -- and it is nothing about you. You CAN make yourself the victim and feel like something is wrong, but ultimately, we all are being asked to listen to our gut and to drive from the song it gets us to sing EVEN IF this goes against what we are conditioned to do. 

Many of you are going to finally put one foot in front of the other and start a new regimen that will lead to more joy in your life. The pause or limbo is just waiting for your gas tank to fill up -- and THEN you will go. So, allow inspiration to be what moves you because it WILL bring steam. But until you feel filled up, just be in this energy and dream for your next great thing. There is nothing to worry about and you don’t need to see glass half empty as you wonder about what things mean.

16 March 2022 | WEDNESDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury.
1  6  7 | 1 to 13 Virgo

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