MARCH 17 | Thursday

Something that happened yesterday is going to be what now you will doubt or wonder if you should have stood your ground and chose for what you felt in your body. Just be aware that this is NORMAL, and it is a part of the energy that is getting you to walk life in a different way. 

When we are younger, we do everything for others, as even before 24 our frontal lobe is not available to help us make the best decisions. We have NO CLUE before 24 as we are just following along and truly representing what we happen to have seen in life thus far. 

AFTER 24, we are finally able to make decisions for ourselves, and it's why so many people move around this time and start to explore what REALLY is going on out in the world. This is also when we really get to questioning what we did in our teens and early 20s that NOW makes no sense at all as we see we were just following along and wanting attention. 

The older we get, the more confident we become in choosing what we feel inside and not allowing others to dictate what we should or should not be doing. There is a voice inside of you that is the truth of what you need to be doing in life – and honoring this voice is what will also have many people upset at you and making you wobble in the hopes that you will run back to your old beliefs and stop going outside the lines where others don’t want you to be. 

So be loving with yourself as you may be feeling judgmental and questioning if you can really follow what you dream for. Remember how I told you when I moved to San Francisco at 24 that everyone tried to get me fearful of earthquakes and all that could go wrong. Nothing was going to stop me because I always knew I would spend part of my life there, but I did have to juggle heap loads of fears as I made my way to my new lands. Others wanted me to stay the same and not reach to places they have never been – so I had to hold that and not allow it to fill my dream spaces with fears that would keep me from doing what I FELT INSIDE was my destiny. 

Today you are going to sit in a similar place where you KNOW you needed to say what you did or do what you felt called to do – but you are not seeing any proof just yet that you made the best move. Do know, you may be in an emotional storm with someone who doubts your visions, but it will be diluted in about 3 days. So be with the feelings and process what needs to be digested, but DO NOT question your moves. See that sometimes your waves affect others in rough ways, and it makes them mad, but ultimately, you got to do what you feel called to do. 

Life is too short to live in the past of others’ fears and we need to get used to ruffling the feathers of those who want us to stay the same. If you feel inside that you have to go for some dream that is yet to be manifested, then you got to go for it. These feelings are there for a reason and taking leaps of faith is never going to be easy because it requires you believe in yourself. But the more you do this sort of move FOR YOU, the less resistance you will feel inside when the wind calls you to jump into a new thing.


17 March 2022 | THURSDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Jupiter. Moon/Neptune.
MOON PLANNER: Jupiter. Neptune.
1  7  8 | 14 to 27 Virgo


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