MARCH 15 | Tuesday

We are still in some sensitive waters where you may feel that others are controlling you and they are not giving you what you need. This energy wants you fighting for clarity in not allowing your wounds to be what gets you showing yourself in ways that DO have others NOT wanting to give you what you need. I learned long ago that being humble and nice to customer service people or those who can help me is the way to go. But I remember being younger and getting so mad on the phone when I wasn’t getting my way. 

We all need to stop in our tracks and observe the truth of how we respond when we don’t see that we are getting the easy way. It's time to drop our arms and be more compassionate when not feeling seen. This energy wants you seeing that life is always an in-breath and an out-breath with a wave that goes up and down. We sleep and we wake up refreshed from the down time that put us in positions of rest. There is a rhyme to the reason and a season that NEEDS to be honored.  This winter feels like it was fast forward for many of you and THIS WEEK is when you will want to surrender into a pause or a space where you DO feel down and out and not all that motivated. Spring comes rushing in soon and this week needs you taking care of business and grounding in a new way to REALLY race with confidence into a new flow or new pattern in your life. 

But don’t feel lost if you don’t see a home yet or you feel like you are in limbo in regard to which way to go. YOU ARE to be dazed and confused and for it to get you trusting a higher plan that deals with a crop growing and a seed that is just starting to move underground. You WILL pop on through to the other side, but for now, be okay digesting which direction feels like it will bring the most joy into your life. 

Love is rising because it needs to be where we give more of our attention. So be in the limbo with visions of higher value and YOU deserving to be the star of some show. See for it and expect that your wishes will be granted. DO NOT look at limbo in the negative with ideas that others are going to steal your limelight and force you to suffer in thinking you don’t have a place in the world. That is not the truth. But we are in an energy that is creating a new plan for us to walk into. So what you think IS going TO BE -- and we need you OUT of the past where things were limited, and INTO the unknown future where the potential is vast. See for solutions NO MATTER WHAT. Tip your view to KNOWING something will come to help you EVEN IF the bridge feels broken and the way cannot yet be seen. Manifest something better and know that this day brings the clarity so that you can wake up and fight for the life of your dreams. There is MORE for you to go for. DO NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT.


15 March 2022 | TUESDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Saturn.
1  5  6 | 18 to 30 Leo

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