Tuesday 8 November

Oh hello MOON!! We love when you go LUNAR ECLIPSE in Taurus and get us REALLY facing what stands in the way from us feeling valued and essential. This time is going to feel like a slap to the face if we are following paths that are not really making us feel like we are expressing our true soul gifts, and instead are just signing up for what we THINK others want us to do.

This is when we can see how much others have dominated us into acting in certain ways and striving for certain things, such as money and attention above all else. Expect that MANY of you have feelings of wanting to die and not be in this world because it is SO corrupt and where money has positioned all the messages to be what we see. Money pays to be on top and to be seen as your authority, BUT DOES THAT MEAN WE SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY BELIEVE?

I have seen astrology and spiritual accounts brag about the millions of followers they have, but at what cost? Was it 5 OR 6 figures a month (because it is NOT 4 figures) they paid through facebook ads to PURCHASE that position on top and into your awareness? EVERY ACCOUNT that is huge at this time paid to get there and DID NOT float to the top on merit alone.

And then without even thinking, we gravitate to these large numbers (who actually are full of greed in wanting to take what should be shared with others) putting all our stock in them as if they really are qualified to lead. When rather, they just paid and continue to pay heavily to buy the focus of your eyes. MANY PEOPLE know about this now and are talking about it in all corners of the Earth, but how many more are like sheep just following along and not really activating and honoring their own integrity and authority.

So just get that this time is showing us how many people operate in the old world ways where they manipulate us to be what we see, where they do secret moves to seal the deal so that they will be the main focus and who we continue to give our money and attention to. The greed of those with money is extreme at this time and something is about to wake us up so that we start getting mad at how conned we have been to support businesses that TRULY have money as their very first intention. I personally know several accounts who employ this buy-your-way-to-the-top and they are FULLY concerned with each post and how far it travels, then they pay even more to promote it until it reaps some cocaine driven extreme of what they now need BECAUSE they only pay to get their work out there. This is how we can really see who is full of ego because they want ALL the fish, and the way the system has been created, if they want to pay for it, they can have it all.

This eclipse is going to show you the corruption like never before, and if it frustrates you, do what you can to be in total silence, rolling crystals, just allowing your body to assimilate the madness and for it to make out a NEW PATH for you to take that IS full of integrity and where you seek for doing what is your creative gifts. This time is to get you more vocal and really talking about what is in need of repair, but where you stand firm in seeing that we are all going over the ledge because of those who have PUT THEMSELVES in power to be what leads you and your dreams. We are losing it all BECAUSE of those with money in the eyes FIRST. So do we continue to support what cons us to buy into it? Or do we FEEL what is real and now start supporting what is truly working for the collective and the evolvement of the peoples.

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