Monday November 7

Okay. It’s getting hot in here! So, take off all your clothes! (Seriously, that song was playing as I went into the reading room!) This is telling me that we are disrobing old ways of being where we now HAVE GOT TO take off these habitual mental reactions and ways of processing life when things are not going our way.

We too easily go dark and demonic when we think we are love and light and spiritual beings. But as we all know, calling yourself spiritual is the same as calling yourself a Christian -- and it means you are wounded and needing to heal. So, there is a process there. Just because you join the church doesn’t mean you are love and light. Just because you read the bible does not mean you are love and light.

You only are when you actually walk a life of doing loving and light filled actions. We don’t get away with judging others in secret where we laugh at making them small and where we try to convince others that someone, who is not there to defend themselves, is all bad and doesn’t deserve to be loved. We don’t get away with it because we vibe it by uttering the words! We cast spells that we think are going towards others -- but they sit in OUR BODIES, so they go out to the Great Mystery as WISHES we hope will one day be our own!! How has it taken us so long to wake up to this reality?

Well. We won’t stay asleep much longer! And a crack in our systems is about to take place so that we can TRULY look out with grace and walk as if all that we do is coming back our way.

Many of you are going to notice something happening in dream time and many of you will feel a headache tomorrow morning. If you have solid mental where you just aren’t getting it, the nighttime surgery may cause some pains tomorrow. So, if you need a big knocking to get the blocks shifting, be grateful, because NOW you will be able to see your way into a light filled life that is of your own creation.

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MOON DEGREES: 1 to 12 Taurus (see where this transits your chart and then look up the house in Astrology School to make the most of this day!)




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