Wednesday 9 November

Okay baby! This day feels HEAVY and where we now know we must get down to big plans that need us standing up for what is right and not allowing corruption to keep creating what we see on Earth. There is a huge drive that shows we HAVE to get up and use our throat to declare how we need things to be. It is a great day for you to write out what you would like your life to look like if money was not a factor and if you really can have whatever you wish for.

This day wants you in the plans of where you want to be and with a dedication in seeing the positive or some solution that gets you out of focusing on all the pain. Our vision is expanding what we are focusing on, so we have to know that dark energies get louder on the way out, and we must see it for what it is, and not something to keep us in fear and failing to believe in the corrections we would like to see in the world and in our lives. If things are clanging and banging and distracting you from peace, get to the paper and pen and play in a world where you ARE seen and do get what you dream.

This energy does NOT NEED YOU building more fires out of what is already dysfunctional and something in need of loving glances seeing it shift into corrected state. Rebuild what is falling apart with visions of where you wish it will be -- instead of dread that it is not working out as we need.

When you feel out of control by how the forces are manipulating what you see, get to the Earth and hug a tree! The only thing that can really soothe us in these times of collapse, where we must rebuild a valuing space where all living things can be sustained and held, is through tuning into Earth elements and going silent as we meditate with their natural ways.

When overwhelmed by the injustice that plagues those that need the most assistance, we lose faith. This is why we must be around things that have been here through the storms of life, like old trees, and just be in their energy as we feel the woes of how much we need to do to set this course straight. The overwhelm we feel is always comforted by nature and slow-moving organic things.

I also love to repot plants or to start something as a seed so that you can observe a process where you must keep feeding it love and hope, but where you do see something happen over time. Plant that seed and watch it grow -- and this DOES become an agent of change in your whole body where you now trust when things seem to be doing nothing and when you aren’t where you think you should be. We must stop looking up and out there in the world -- and shift our focus to right here, right now where we CAN make a difference. It's getting time to pound the streets, but first, focus on what you CAN see grow around you. What needs YOU to be there in seeing something else become something better? You ARE an agent of change. So, focus on what control you DO have and help it grow better.



MOON DEGREES: 26 TAURUS to 8 GEMINI (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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