Sunday November 6

Okay babies. Do know the pressure is ON as we move towards the hit of the Lunar Eclipse. This is one of the biggest ones we will ever see, and it is leading us into what will be an EPIC shift of vibration that occurs on January 1, 2024.

Things will feel different in you where you HAVE to do the inner work and won’t be so content to keep making everyone else at fault while not addressing that you hold that vibration when you think such things. You can’t hate on someone who did something to hurt you without holding the vibration of hatred in your body. If you can hate on someone with love in your body, then continue on! But it’s not possible. What you see, YOU ARE. And IF you manifested certain characters into your life, it is because you have something inside of you that magnetized them your way.

We will be going through a global shift where we DON’T want to hold negative vibes in any way because we HAVE to then manifest negative situations! There is not one person out there who loves to gossip about others that also loves and values themselves. It doesn’t work that way. When you love and value yourself, you look out at others who are wounded and acting in wrong ways, with compassion for the person they would be IF NOT FOR what wounded them. When you are evolved, you vibrate love and compassion. When you are wounded, you want to hate on others who also are wounded and who are not giving you your way.

And we ALL are wounded, so you see the problem we have. There is a viscous cycle of jealousy and envy and desires to see others suffer and lose it all – and what do you know, we THEN have to suffer for wishing it upon another. So walk with grace or you will NEVER be a truly happy and content person. Or hate and diminish others and feel the cocaine rush of seeing them as losers, but then you will forever BE what you see.

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