daily energy for WEDNESDAY 14 July

Expect to see people breaking all the rules and really coming out of nowhere with strong emotions that are clear as day. There's going to be a new energy to the day where you notice yourself rising higher in the interpretation when maybe before you would have automatically thought of this sort of thing in a negative light. We are seeing that we can listen to our own hearts and not keep operating in the ways we were programmed to be. Everyone of you is waking up to something that you want to manifest and that you see will bring more joy into your life. Suddenly you will notice that you are tuning to there being a solution or there being some upgrade that is out there somewhere yet to be discovered. The changes going on with us are basically the same as when you think about a house that has only had the blinds shut and now they're being opened. You can still feel like you're in the same spaces, but you can tell that things have changed and there's more potential for change to grow into. A lot of people are going to decide to go back on what they had committed to doing. So, let people go if they need to go but also with yourself, go if YOU need to go. Something is driving you to do and your heart is letting you know that there is something more for you to go for. There is a lot to put into place today and you will notice that you're enjoying the process of seeing things cleaned up and in there better placement. Focus on getting things done and not wasting your time with social media and things that pull you entirely into it. Your life needs quiet today and where you just do things you really love to do so that you can fall into a meditative flow and receive something that completes an idea or space you were wondering about. This means there's a lot of potential in this day if you stay present and not with so many needs of the outside world to fill you.



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