daily reading for FRIDAY 16 july


Okay my loves! Be super aware that something is going to hit you today and most likely it's going to come out of the blue, but it can just hit you in a way where you'll feel insecure about where you are in life right now. Do know this is just a test to see if you get back up or reposition yourself after questioning if maybe something is wrong with you. This time wants you speaking up and staying strong with your vision of there being something still to grow for and to work for. You most likely will have this strange feeling in relationship to others and how your parents or the old world ways got you to believe something should be a certain way. You are letting go of walking the wounded way in relationships. And this requires you to step into a different role and to respond differently to things that before would throw you into pattern behaviors. There is a way for you to create more beauty and to contribute more peace in the world, but it comes from you doing something and not waiting for others to be what you wish they would be. Realize that today has some hills and dips and turns to it but that ultimately, you're going to be looking at where you're not really speaking up about what you feel and have just fallen into some conditioned way that actually sucks the life out of you. Some of you will only feel high today and like you are seeing to the other side of things. This day very much is like an x-ray machine as it monitors our inner growth around our wounds. If you still have lots to heal, this day can rock you. But just know that every opportunity that trips you up, where you do respond with grace, you do stop getting tripped up. The trip is just the test. You being more graceful is what you're being asked to do. It is not the way you have been programmed to be. Process others and only follow along if it truly feels harmonious in your belly. Something needs you seeing that you have every right to exist and to assert yourself towards a more peaceful life. The key is in you showing us a new view.




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