new moon in cancer READINGS for ALL SIGNS

come get the love! we got a huge new moon where all of us will start to choose for new things based on what our feelings are telling us to do. Its time to grow a new crop, to start over and to seek for supportive things. How does this energy hit your sign? Read your Sun, Moon & Rising sign readings and you will have the complete picture of what this all means and what you need to do about it!

Enjoy, my loves! It was a pleasure reading you! ~~ xo KV 


This is the shift you have been waiting for. It may take you a minute to see that this is for your benefit, but your foundation IS changing, and it will be something that grows you a new garden and a start over to the flow of how things WERE going along. For many, this will bring something out of the blue that deals with your creative gifts and ideas on how to support and sustain yourself. Go to where your heart sings and feel your way through the moves that are about to take place. You will be making choices that deal with you seeing yourself as important and placing yourself in some position of authority to grow into. You are being asked to be raw with being clear on how things feel, even if they are unstable AF and making you feel claustrophobic about life. Still, listen to what you are hearing and get ready to open your mind to a very new future in store where you ARE going to be seen for your artistic ways or something about you that helps you feel important. As you sit in a crop that is dying, see for the transformation and how all of this story inspires you to take some risk of the heart and to really choose things that feel good for you. You are to look at the days around this new moon as signs of change where you have to be honest and vocal about how things feel. BUT. The most important piece is that you are walking the talk with the advice or wisdom or artistic ideas you are wanting to share with the world. You have to keep your mind on positive things where you see for ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July!ON SALE $5


Okay then! This New Moon is a doorway where you are being asked to share your words, a creative project or an idea that needs to reach the light of day. This is your time to be honest with how you feel and with how you DO have gifts around supporting others or showing them their light. You help others feel safe and secure and it's time for you to start doing something that is like teaching them how to fish, rather than fishing for them. In some way you are to bring a new and empowering approach to what needs to be grown better and to be a part of what goes in the seasonal crops. YOUR VOICE in some ways MUST REACH OUT and offer up what you feel about things. You are being asked to reach into the ideas you have around your place in the world, and you are to grow a new royalty that expects all things to work out and for there to be a solution somewhere. You are to show up different and to talk in some way where you are starting over and bringing something that levels you up in your career and MAY be technology based. The tools to send your impact out there are waiting for you to see that they are out there – even if you don’t see them in actuality and in your hands just yet. You are to see that what you need will arrive and the magic will always find you to affirm these sorts of leveling up sessions. When you are about to move into a new space you don’t know what will greet you. You really don’t. It all is assumptions until you land solid. So assume in new ways ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Oh, I love this energy for you! I am feeling a real big shift where you are opening to ideas and seeing ways that you can level up with how you get your wisdom or creative gifts out there far and wide. You are in creative spaces that have long reaching goals and new dreams and plans are to be coming alive FROM things that deal with scarcity or other people and how they are affecting you. From the provocation, you will decide for a new plan and are being asked to give light to what your heart is feeling and how you DO want to live a more creative and carefree life as the artist who is valued for what you bring. You will be shooting off an arrow into new ideas around how to support and sustain yourself. You also will be thinking about home and a nest and places to do your creative work. If you are being blocked by others, then you can feel limited and held back by their influence forcing you to follow along. Expect to need to speak up and use your voice but do remember that you need to see as if there are no limits and nothing to fight for -- so speak from your heart but not where you are overcompensating or ultimately projecting what you have seen before. It's time for you to guide the people around you into being a better version for YOU. And it comes from your own self love and talking in ways where you are cultivating and birthing a new platform to express freely. Your emotions will be turned on and for the purpose of getting you to tune in. Something about this energy brings a new chapter idea ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Oh, New Moon in Cancer! And what a moon this is going to be! Do be aware that you may plunge into some doubts and fears around money but that this is actually needed to trigger you into some position of really going for what you want to see happen. You ARE to bust through others and the ways they have gotten you to stay confused or holding back your truth. You are to not just let others manipulate you into positions because their energy and influence is so strong. You are to stand unique and to find yourself again where you are keeping it real about how you feel and letting that be known, without trying to hide it and play nice. This time is to reboot you into a new plan where you will be seeking more joy from tuning into your creative gifts and finding a way for them to sustain you. BUT FIRST, there is a doorway for you to cross where you are showing up different and sharing another side of who you really are. It is essential that you assert where you feel called because you showing up is part of what gets you through. It needs to be that you see yourself as important and able to start over and birth a new view of what others see of you. You must decide for the new chapter, and when you do, things are to open wildly in your creative spaces where you will see new ways to grow a new crop and garden to sustain you. Flowers will bloom when before you felt insecure and sort of lost. You are going to see that timing was everything and now there will be a return to some ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


This time is to bring a lot of change that comes from you feeling uncomfortable as you appraise your past year and think about how much more you would rather be doing and how you just didn’t do some things right. This time is to bring you into emotional states with your past so that you can design a better path this next chapter that is about to rise. You are still sitting back and cooking something special, so don’t rush yourself, but do get rest and lay low and do what you need so you can be in your own spaces and process things. What is happening is that you are going to go through a change where you let go of how the old world got you to believe your day to day could look. Where something dominated you into a box and into something that actually limits you. You will be letting go of some old idea of how your career needs to be run and you are to follow your feelings on what can really be the potential for things. You are to let go of the shame and blame and guilt and negative things that are not what empowers you to grow. You will be stepping into fertile lands when you surrender and take in all the pieces that now come into your attention. Do know that you can always start over and that if you walked it, you were supposed to. This time wants you letting go of the negative interpretations and coming out of the shadows with the shadows of life; like making peace with the dark sides so that you can see they are needed in bringing strength and affirmation to the light sides. But the dark creates the art that creates the ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Oh wow! This new moon is to be when you really get focused on your career and with something artistic that you would like to do. Your environment is going to change, and it deals with you leveling up and walking the talk that IS the journey to bringing things to birth. You have been in some time of wondering if you have a place in the world and worrying that maybe something is flawed with what you are to offer or even some way that you are. There was a limbo put in motion to test you on how you handle processing things that are in confusion. You had the choice to trust the steps that lead to healing and correction, or to doubt that you were getting something wrong. At this time, synchronicity will align you to people and things that mirror where you have been. And you are being asked to be honest about how things make you feel, but to seek for peace and balance being restored. You are to seek for glass half full where you talk through limited situations so that understanding can be created. You are leveling up in how you do your work but also are to be patient with the growing of where you would like to be. This means you need one foot in the reality of what it takes to clean things up and the other foot in the dream of where you would like to see this effort become a manifested thing. You are to see that when you get quiet and meditate on things, you DO hear the better ways to be. Collaboration and society manipulation can influence you one way, but when in your quiet spaces, like when doing your art or hiking out in the woods, you DO hear different sides ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Okay then! This energy brings in a new view that can have you changing your mind on what you thought needed to happen. You are to reach out to others and to discuss ways to grow and expand – but something needs you really being honest about how things feel and what you would like to see from the outer world. You need to speak from your heart and take leaps of faith that may feel like a risk in putting yourself out there. ACTUALLY, this time wants you going another level with your heart space in making a change that will bring more joy into your life. But the gateway is that you need to speak up and reach out in order to see this come together. You will have to come out of your comfort zone and see that your creative ways DO have a place out in the world and that you don’t have to be insecure about what you dream for your life. This time wants you looking into your past and with things that molded and formed you, and it asks you to see that your best days are still to come and that nothing from what was needs to be anything with what your new future can potentially be. You need to see that there is a way for you to make a difference and come together with others where you are able to do more through collaboration. New feelings are to rise so that you start dreaming for something that is not what you have seen before. You ARE being asked to feel your way to miracles and to know that home may take a leap of faith, or some move where you are doing something ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


This is when you are to see some shifts in your life around leveling up with your foundation and working to bring upgrades so that you can show up in higher roles that deal with you offering support far and wide. This is when change happens because you decide to walk your talk into the shadow aspects of life and move through the experiences rather than wanting to just get to some destination quickly. The changes you will feel are going to hit you deep and where you won't want to do what others are doing as you will want more room to grow and expand into what could potentially support and hold you. It's important that you trust the darkness and any challenges in relationship with others where you aren’t talking in ways that need to one up or be the boss or manipulate into some particular shape. It's important that you support understandings and are repositioning yourself to hear people out and to rebuild what was the old ways of dealing with things. You are to see that there are wider audiences to hold your dreams and that staying in one place maybe won't work for you. If you are thinking about taking a leap of faith, then you must. There is more out there to hold you and you are to be honest about what you are feeling in regard to how to move into another level of living. Let go of any old roadmap that has been done before. It really does need to be done new by you and where you just follow your feelings and are free to go. You will be asked to walk your talk in how you deal with others so that there is the potential for positive change. This is ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Okay! This time is going to feel heavy and big and where you can tell that the tests are about making you stronger and getting you ready to level up so that you ARE an authority to what you want to share far and wide. We have to really walk our talk and be what we want others to see us as. You are finding the ways that you aren’t really keeping it real and maybe instead are wanting to be a peacekeeper or in line with others so that they can feel unruffled in life. But you are to discover something at this time about a strength within that moves you to come forward SOON with a renewed passion about what you want to do with your soul’s purpose work. You are going to be getting serious about what you are here to do and this will get you digging deep when maybe before you wanted to just skip over the work of it and get to an answer quickly. Something is to shift where you are planning a new design to your work and with words or creative projects that deal with making a difference and doing more to assist others. Be aware that there is a solution, and you need to stay patient as you focus on the positive of what the eventual growth will bring. It's important that you awaken your value into your craft and just sit and wait until the inspiration arrives and the people arrive. You are to go with the flow and grow your garden wisely. But you are to see that there is a new way for you to go that is not what you learned in your childhood and that deals with the mother or something that now hits you in the shadow spaces ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


This energy is going to bring a huge shift in how you will be wanting to share of yourself and be seen by others. You will be thinking of your career and with putting things into a better order so that you can step into a new role where you will share more of your depth. You are being asked to give light to the challenges of life and to REALLY focus on keeping your mind clear and on the positive about what is to come. You are to show MORE discipline towards sticking with the hard jobs that you would rather run from. Pieces of your shadow are rising through relationships with others, and you are to make yourself important and clear with boundaries when things don’t feel good or when you go into detective mode wondering what is lurking beneath the surface. Interactions ARE to occur that DON’T make you feel safe and don’t feel like they empower you to speak your truth -- and this is just a test to get you showing yourself in a higher role where you are not insecure and focused on your wounds to the point you stay in patterns where things never go through completion. The test just wants you vibing higher than those still addicted to the fear and competition of life. You are to NOT fight with what doesn’t resonate with your new plans. You are to accept things and let go when they don’t feel good, but NOT sever them with hate and disgust and negative vibes, that ultimately are keeping you in this learning lesson. Your job is just to show up as a better version where you face the darkness and keep moving until it shifts. You are gaining THROUGH showing ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July!ON SALE $5  


This time is when you are to get honest about how things feel around you but with a positive spin in seeing that you CAN defy the odds and surprise others with your changes, and you also CAN start over and grow a new crop of value FROM putting things into order and facing what needs to be conditioned into better shape. This is when you are to be sitting with tons of lists and new ideas for how you want to show yourself and offer support or care to those in need. Things relating to your soul’s purpose are on your mind as if you feel some clock ticking away and letting you know that time is limited. Expect this friction that you CAN take to glass half full, or negative. But see that you are being asked to start over in how you digest things so that you assume no value and see that you have no right to use words that DO expect a solution. You will need to change something that deals with your workload or how you schedule your time. This means you may feel real tired if you are overextending, and also out of place if you are in a space that no longer fits you. Change will come from you being honest and getting clear. So don’t judge yourself if others push you away or do not totally accept that changes you are feeling you want to make. You are to give light to the potential that your roles sometimes need to change. And something with a message of yours is growing wings where you can see the ways you can start in one position and expand into higher levels. But to do the work you envision you will need to step into something that requires apprenticeship and long time ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5


Oh loves! This energy is going to be good for your heart AND your art! It is time to create a whole new schedule with how your world is run that deals with you starting over and growing something new with a creative project, with a partnership or with something that brings joy into your life. You will feel this energy as if you are waking up from a spell where you realize you ARE important. And you DO have a system that is more powerful than every other sign in regard to messages, answers and guidance that you have organic access to. This time is to get you leveling up in valuing the unique ways you are and also stepping up into a new plan around a new role that you want to see manifesting in the next few months. Think new with this energy because it all is to feel like you are getting a 2nd chance and fresh opportunities to look at things you have created or dreamed of in your past and to really give them an upgraded coat of paint of how the better version of you would like to change your vote and go for something greater. What is moving you to these elevated lands where it will be easier to manifest is that your mind is starting to talk different about the journey you had to walk. And this will deal with your childhood days and the ways you were limited and not given proper care and support. At this time, you are to see a new view where you talk like your path was an essential piece to get you to future spaces. You are to see that you NEEDED the ways life fractured you from the foundation – but to change at this time in NEEDING to talk ... CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading. Get the guide and you get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings from 9 to 22 July! ON SALE $5

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