Moon in aspect to VENUS

This is a great one to show you how much you are NOT valuing yourself. This one tends to bring an insecurity if there is something you still need to face with your levels of self worth. So if you feel this way during this transit, KNOW that you are cracking some code and that what comes up is VERY important. It may be that you feel others are more beautiful than you or that they are more gifted than you. And just know that being human is feeling those things, but at some point we need to buck up and say, “Ya know, I’m doing the best I can with what I have. I was born with these looks; I was born with these gifts. And if I love and honor them, so will others. It starts with me!”

This transit also tends to bring the attention to noticing what others need and what they are going through. It brings a sensitivity to our own hearts and a softer approach when we may otherwise judge them. So you can expect that situations will arise that open you to feeling more compassion for others. You will also be very sensitive to LOVE and to wanting to be around that vibration You may be focused on your own beauty and with ways to make changes that make you feel more confident with self. You may experience that people are more aware of you and feeling a stronger appeal to your energy.If you are in a learning cycle, with this transit you will feel very insecure in public situations and also moody and irritable around others. That is the call to be alone and go within this energy.



For this symbol, think of the stick body from Mercury, but without the crown focus. This is why when we feel love, we do not think of using our minds to figure it out! When we love, we FEEL it, and, even if our minds cannot get around it, we ARE tuned in to the vibration of our heart energy.

This is also the symbol of WOMAN. This is one of the most important planets in our chart because this one is how we represent our piece of the Divine Goddess. Venus in our chart is a sign of how and WHERE we are bringing forward the power of the feminine.

With Venus we are also talking about VALUES. You can see that we need to travel to the 4 corners, taking in all aspects of life, in order to express this completed circle nature. And then, what do we do when we find value in life? We hold it up proud and solid! Our love natures shine brightly when we have anchored in and grounded the truth of just how valuable we are.

Venus is the leading planet for us in these times of great change as we awaken to our true power through the journey of feeling self worth. When we know how valuable we really are, then we are fully capable of manifesting a life of our dreams. Every wish manifests from these feelings of self worth, and from there we express our creative gifts more freely. We also learn to put up boundaries to let people know what we will or will not accept as honorable experiences or exchanges.



You will use this one often! Always use the Venus symbol when you want to manifest a NEXT STEP IN YOUR CREATIVE ENDEAVORS. As you draw this symbol, see where you want to go and how you want it to unfold. Also, this is a great one to use to manifest more MONEY and as a tool when you are not feeling valuable and when to go deeper into understanding what is keeping you from valuing who you are. Keep drawing the symbol and ask that awareness rise up to the circle, like a crystal ball, and reveal to you what you need to know that relates to how you are playing small or not honoring the gift of who you are. Also use this symbol when you need to USE YOUR VOICE and say something important, as this symbol rules the throat. See it filling you with confidence to KNOW that you have every right to speak what you need to say.


I am an ambassador for the Power of the Feminine.
I value who I am. I AM VALUABLE.
I am creating beautiful works of art.
I am honoring my boundaries.
I am drawing the line and saying NO. It is okay to do this!
I am open to receiving love.
I welcome love into my life!
I am growing more youthful and beautiful with each passing day.
I am reversing the aging process.
I am manifesting ways to make more money.
I am clearly stating my needs! I need this from you!

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