Moon in aspect to MERCURY

When the Moon transits your Mercury you are going to REALLY feel like your heart is on your sleeve! This is a light shining on your feelings or with really finally being able to put the words to what you have been feeling. This one opens a gate in relation to answers coming forth or an AH-HA sort of moment, something with seeing in the dark in regards to an issue that has felt muddled and confusing. You may be feeling more expressive through writing or through journaling. This is a GREAT time to clear the air with relatives or with something dealing with the home or roots! There MAY be miscommunications, and you may need to walk gently, but growth or movement is what is in order. Hold that intention in your heart! If something uncomfortable shows up, just know there is a way to move through it, and, if you STAY in the heart and out of the ego, you will be doing the best thing you can do. This transit tends to bring something to your attention in regards to another female, and OFTEN a woman will offer support or some sort of beneficial offering.



For this symbol, notice that this is very much like a stick body with emphasis and attention reaching up from the head, with a cross at the heart that signifies what we love and what we want to talk about.

The symbol of Mercury is showing us that we are being guided to become more heart-centered in regards to our communications and thought processes. This is us striving to find balance in our lives and bodies in order to then be able to access higher or intuitive information.



Use this symbol when you need to move into your heart, or 4th Chakra, and 6th and 7th Chakras to access an answer that is unclear to you. Interestingly, this one is about expressing THROUGH the 5th Chakra, but only after the energy has flowed through the Chakras around it. As you draw this symbol, imagine that you are accessing other sources of information that come FROM ABOVE or from higher consciousness. Do not focus on the mind for answers, but take it higher; take the energy above your head to the higher Chakras. Doing it this way, this can help you access TRUE and valuable information -- not just mind clutter, or doubting, or programmed, or fear based information.



I am hooked up to high vibrational information.
I am accessing my heart and higher consciousness to make this decision.
I am leaving the mind in order to discover the correct answer for me.
I am guided by Spirit in how I express to the World.
I speak with Love as my intention.
I speak with empowerment as my intention.
I speak in a manner that BUILDS UP instead of breaking down.
I speak about myself in loving and gentle ways.
I am channeling the highest information for the betterment of all.
The answer is coming to me.
I am joyfully coming together with others.
I am communicating in a way that creates love and understanding.
I am in the flow with my writing as the words effortlessly appear.

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