Moon in aspect to MARS

This is one of those intense transits! We can feel SO RUSHY RUSHY RUSHY and wanting everything RIGHT NOW. This is what I call STEAMROLLER energy as we can tend to dominate others and want to push them and provoke them. You may feel triggered by those that you feel are WEAK and inferior and this causes you to dominate them. You may also be very temperamental and picking up on things that are not real. This creates quick emotional responses and you may feel an attack that was not intended. This brings those suspicious eyebrows or intense eyes! This is paranoia energy. This is the call to take deep breathes and to wait a day or two before reacting! This is also one of those Mafia transits, as I call them! Who do you think you are talking to me that way?! I will KILL you! This transit may create situations that have you speaking with your hands in dramatic ways! This one is about FIERY and emotional energy and feeling the need to DEFEND oneself.

This one also stimulates sexual cravings and wanting to get it on and express through the body. You may have battles because this transit is battleground energy, but it also would create those make-up sex situations. You may feel VERY hot blooded. Situations tend to arise at this time that are about not knowing how to handle other people’s anger or your own. It tends to cause you to feel stuck in this moment by not being able to move forward or get over something. Things feel fixed and stuck in a situation that you can’t figure out how to heal. Know that this WILL pass!! But there IS a lesson for you here! Try to remain humble in knowing the change starts with YOU!



For this symbol, you see we are taking what we want from this life and shooting it forward with emphasis and power. This is the symbol of MAN. It represents our drive to MAKE things happen in life. The complete circle is on the ground, so this means we need to anchor this energy down to the Earth and THEN push forward with our intentions. If we have not grounded this energy, it can come out in a purely sexual, steamroller, dominating sort of force. This is also showing how the masculine energies need to be grounded before they express … and that is a new piece of wisdom on Earth.



Use this symbol to ENERGIZE ANY OTHER SYMBOL. This is an AMPLIFYING symbol, so it will energize any symbols you use with it. You can first draw Venus and put your self worth and creative dreams into the circle (through visualization) and then put the Mars symbol on top of it by matching the circles. THEN visualize the arrow SHOOTING OUT YOUR DREAMS. This is a powerful one to do! FEEL yourself amplified when you draw the arrow! Feel magic happening!



I am bringing the energy needed to manifest my dreams.
I AM going to do this!
I have what it takes to accomplish my goals.
I will continue on until the job is done.
I am healthily rooted in my sexual desires.
I am bringing the energy that is needed to heal this situation.
I am bringing the energy that is needed to uncover why I am reacting the way I am.
I am bringing the energy to this situation so that I can heal my shadow.

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