Good Morning Love

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There is going to be a wild flow to this day where we assert ourselves into something relating to our woundedness. It will be where we can't help but get something wrong in how we respond with another where we ARE going low – like we said we wouldn’t do the next time we were tested. So expect to touch into something but to bounce back up in how you ARE going to make this right or not continue these same patterns where you shoot off to others in the identical way you have done in your past.

Remember, we don’t divide our way to healing and higher vibrations. We divide our way to enforced wounded reaction patterns. We AFFIRM our wounds every single time we divide when ANOTHER TEST is here to see if we will handle this with love and grace. We are not here to push others away in life. That is not how we grow and become more powerful. You grow and vibe higher through being in stormy situations and not going low as you appraise what you see in others.

The storms are there to groom YOU to be better in how you process them. If you push others away, others will push you away. If you swipe on that friendship that you SAID was true blue, but then you got provoked so you instantly switched gears and threw them to the curb -- like, THAT will also happen to you! That next love partner will come on strong with YOU ARE the one, but then they will down shift and move away from you. It’s time for us to really face that we get back what we put out there and it is ALWAYS in operation this way. It is not just the good that comes back, but all our hurtful moves return with steam to teach us that we won't get away with what we would judge another doing too!

So be with this day and don’t be passive aggressive with what is bothering you. Don’t act like you are okay, but then hold a vibration that is angry or upset with another. IT IS in the energy that people can be hiding their anger which will cause those around them to be expressing it stronger. Be clear and with compassion in voicing how things make you feel, but always leave room for correction. Always leave room for there being the ability to rebuild, and to learn that some things DON’T work, but they are schooling you on how better to be -- and build. You have every right to voice what you don’t like, BUT just as how everyone else CAN CHANGE, you need to hold space for challenges to be what brings us all closer. Our egos have gotten too used to just throwing it away and swiping it out of our consciousness, but that is not the road to healing. It is the road to continued unsavory manifestations. Let that all stop today and WITH YOU.


To correct our patterns

We have to face our reactions

And stop doing what we have done in our past.

It does not make you more powerful

Or a holder of higher value

To cut others out when they provoke you.

They are the gift here to wake you up

To YOU BEING and vibrating something

That attracted them!

Besides global issues like abuse and exploitation

We don’t get rattled by things

Unless they are inside of us already.

And the only way to clear them from our systems.

Is to make peace with seeing them in others.

Don’t ever again run from who challenges you

Because they are the gatekeeper to healing you.




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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.