Keeping it real. This day feels like it will challenge many of you to see something that forces you to get up and do something better or to rebuild what you THOUGHT was going to work. It is when you may get too much stimulation reminding you of what you DON’T want to think about, but it is there as a blessing to get you thinking about HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS. We need to sit with positive vibes as we look at what feels empty and STOP getting so worked up that we are not at the top of our mountain view just yet.

We all are works in progress -- and that will never change! Just like the healing journey, it doesn’t end until you AREN’T provoked by others and judging what you think is wrong with them. As long as you still see dirt in others, you still have dirt inside of you, because by default we attract what we are and what we believe inside. So be at peace that we aren’t racing to some endline that comes after a few months or years of work. You will be in your 50’s and 60’s and STILL working on holding a sweet vibration inside that isn’t gaslighting the pain but has faced it and now processes it in healthy egoless ways.

So today comes to really show you where you are on the healing journey. This is like a weigh in to see how you are doing with your goals. And what provokes you is here to show you what still stands in the way from you feeling like you are growing and getting somewhere in life. No matter what you see, there is room for you to be better. There is always room for us to show up more and to contribute to easing the struggles of those around us. The more we heal, the more we show up as calmer waters for others. Just think about that. The work you do on you is also for others, so it clearly is a win-win.

DO KNOW, you will run into people that align to your patterns where they will NOT give you what you need and you will be tested to do what you have always done in the past, OR to finally do it different. The different involves NOT LEAVING in the ways of an activated ego. It involves NOT thinking you are more powerful in being a cancel culture participant. We got conned into think showing others the door, with feelings of anger and no more, is what elevates us OUT of the old patterns. We thought, OH this is honoring of ME to brutally cast YOU out. But this is false to the 1st degree! That route is the easy one. Dump them. Swipe them. Forget about them and THEN you will be healed, right?

Actually, YOU NEED TO CHANGE WITH THEM so that YOU somehow bring peace to your own body through the exchange. The job is on YOU to not get so triggered and to face that communication is the way to dissolving discord that keeps attracting you challenging characters. The way out of what you see around you, that doesn’t make you happy, is from within your own system! The changes in you change your view. So be the witness today with what triggers you to go down that same road again, and stop, drop and do it better. There is another way for you to operate so as to bring the completion to something you no longer want to see.


Change your view.

Don’t fight your way out of patterns.

Fighting just attracts more.

Finding peace within

Dissolves what you no longer what to see.


The next 2 weeks explained.

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Star Rise Guide #176

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