TUESDAY 11 April

Things feel very deep today and full of illusion in that the tests are ON. Just be aware that others may want to talk things out with you but there is a lot of emotion and drama that actually needs to process and digest before it shoots out to others. We can come forward raw today and with a force that can knock people out like bowling pins. So be aware that tears and hurt feelings are to the surface – but we really are here to learn to handle our emotions in healthier ways where we aren’t making everything about the reaction of others.

Remember, YOUR reaction is the only one you have control over, and we are not to dominate others into position AS PER what would not ruffle OUR feelings. We say, you hurt me, so you are the problem. When in fact, we are hurt so we need to go within to understand WHY. We are to take things within instead of so naturally shooting the blame to others. We will never be happy if all we see is how wrong everyone else is. The older you get, the more you aren’t phased by certain things that were EVERYTHING when you were younger. This is ALL because of the healing process. It is ALL because we have so much database research that shows how we keep attracting all that we toss out of our lives without facing and working to understand OUR PART in. We attract what we believe. And if you see people as liars and cheats, then you will manifest a heap load of people who give you what you see. Every relationship pattern is showing up because of something you are expecting to see that THEN you push away with frustration from seeing AGAIN in another human.

Trust me in how I now encourage you all to see EVERYONE first as flawed, wounded and not at all consciously awake. We were falsely taught in the intellectualized spiritual movements that WE are to be the ones loving everyone and seeing for their highest purpose. I say, fuck that! That is what leaves you let down all the time because NO, the majority is NOT healed, in therapy and awake. So if you keep thinking you are to see the love in others then you will be let down over and over and your life will be this wave of hope and then dismay.

Instead, when you see that we all are damaged beyond belief and NOT acting in proper ways, you then are pleasantly surprised when you meet someone who IS working on themselves and working to become more conscious of their actions and reactions. When you are NOT expecting everyone to embody peace, you are so lifted vibrationally when you DO meet people who are! When you DO expect everyone to embody peace you will constantly be sad at what you see.

So shift your perspective to accepting the faults in others as where they need to be as per their soul contracts and healing process – just as you are where you need to be. Let them be where they are, and it not be a bad thing in your analysis of things. Instead, focus on you and focus on all the harmony that you DO see in the world -- because good things are happening all around you.


Everyone is where they need to be

As per soul contracts and

Our unique healing journey.

So don’t judge how others trigger you

As they are here as a gift to show you

Who you are too.

We attract what we have inside.

And if you don’t like what you see

Don’t hate on THEM

Because THEY ARE what you need

To set old patterns free.




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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.