Neuron Isolation Sessions N.I.S.

$77.00 USD $155.00 USD

BEA goes deeper and next level. Neuron Isolation is where we get into your brain to watch where things MISFIRE when you get triggered, destroyed or heated over certain things.

45 minute session.  After purchase, you will be emailed a scheduling link! We have 30 sessions in March still available!


What happens in an N.I.S.?

You come to the session with something to talk about where you get triggered. It may be that something happens with a certain type of person and you always go low or get triggered. It may be that you always have a reaction that you don't want to be doing. Where your system is not operating correctly, we want you to talk about them and get your brain to show where a neuron is misfiring and shutting down your system. 

This is the most profound work I have done on myself and others. Its STOPS THE PATTERNS that are in your brain so that you just dont do the old things anymore! We stop the pathways that were created from you NOT having an adult walk you through situations in your past where you then lost parts of yourself because you had to walk it alone. 


How does the 45 minutes look?

We talk for only a few minutes with a hello and then we turn off cameras. I will go into your body where then I just want you to go low vibe on what bothers you! I do not need you seeing the wisdom of your ways; I want you in the fracture of your wound.

As you talk, I will ask questions and help us go deeper into the why there is a neuron misfiring. Expect to be surprised by where we go! After I see the misfiring wild horse of a neuron, I fence it in, seal it with pink energy -- and then I remove the pathway it was taking in your body. So even if it ever gets out again, the old road it took will be gone!

This is how we create new patterns in your mind. Most people FORGET what was fixed in them within weeks! You will forget where you stumbled over provocation that before unraveled you.


N.I.S. is also the BEST for mental people who find it so hard to really change. I actually discovered this from wondering how to help people who are so much in the brain. Emotional people can change with one insightful message, while mental people are like the walking dead where you have to kill the zombie in just a certain way! This work nails it into them!

After we clear the pathway, I go in to do as many energy adjustments as I can! I at least will fix every center the neron shot down and get pink protection around your body!