JULY 18 | Monday

Oh love! We have an epic day today, but it will be full of tests that seem to come at us like a magnet. This is saying that we will come upon experiences that are testing how we are doing in regard to some sort of emotional entanglement with another. Old patterns surface when they get triggered by something that is out of your control. Watch closely to how you respond today because something needs you taking the high road and NOT falling back into old ways that reinforce your wounds or affirm that others have let you down and have not valued you the way you need.

You also may be very aware of how others make you feel and there is something that needs you seeing for an understanding that may deal with looking to their past to see what influenced them to believe you into their reality.

We are not victims in our existence, but we do match with others who have wounds that we naturally bonk into and amplify. Many of you have associates like your mother or date your mother. We see how people are in our childhood and then we go out into our adulthood and manifest the same characters.

If you were neglected, you will NATURALLY attract others who will have it in them to be people who neglect others. If you saw addictions in your early days, you will naturally attract others who suffer with addictions. Seriously. It is a wild world we live in, and energy has layers to it that responds to certain things -- and our thoughts are ultimately the creator of our destiny. So why am I always trying to get you out of your mind and out of thinking so much? Because right now, your thoughts are not healthy, and they don’t look at you like a best friend. Your thoughts are not being used to raise your power -- as most likely they focus on fears and ideas of defeat.

What you see is what influences you to create. So we have to be super limited in what we take on so that we are not ruining our space because we have been programmed to know it all and look it up now. Our only joy comes from these acquisitions of information that feed our soul in answering a particular question. But because all we do is eat and eat, we are never satisfied with one bit of information. So all of our days now are spent chasing answers and curious mental wonderings.

And because we take on so much, we keep manifesting so much to deal with. What we see is what we THEN are inspired to see again – even if it is a horrible thing. Our mind wants to dwell on the past and keep creating connections that affirm who we were or how we were misunderstood. So we have to rewire, through unplugging, and then start over with a new way of seeing your future. Today brings you people and themes that trigger you to think the worst. So do your all to ride this wave with hope on your mind that believes all dips in the road are needed catalysts to take you higher. Release your hold on thinking that things are out to get you or hurt you. Stop planting those seeds! You are the star of the show and it's time to start writing scripts that cast your future in the light.

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