JULY 19 | Tuesday

Don’t say I didn’t warn you and haven’t been working to protect you!! SO. Today we have Chiron going retrograde -- and Chiron is the planet influence of the day. It is ALL about our wounds and us all being up against an x-ray machine that is really seeing how far we have come and how much compassion we hold for how much we have gotten wrong.

Wrong done to you guarantees that you will do wrong, and that life will take you longer to learn the lessons. And that is a-okay! The way we travel is unique to our soul, and the decisions we make solidify wisdom in our bodies that we then can take and overflow out to others.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us all. In this new vibration we fill up with certain life experiences and then WHEN we reach the top, we overflow and share that wisdom walked with others. We are apprenticing with unique patterns and skills that are to school us so that we then can share the walk of the journey we experienced.

If you get into recovery, most likely you will then become someone who coaches others to stay clean. The tragedies of our life, that are written in our journey, always awaken other senses in us after we travel the cave of their life teaching. When I lost Moon Bear, I lost myself – but I woke up to who I REALLY am and how I REALLY want things to be. Through my worst thing coming true, I learned how to walk through extreme trauma and get out the other side of down the road and with more space between. Moonie died on December 30, 2015, and she was only 5. It’s soon to be 7 years without her – and as most people know, they haven’t really heard from me since then. I have been hard to get ahold of since then. No one understands me since then. All my relationships changed because of her tragic death.

And I never would have guessed how long it has taken to heal, OR how much it would change me and change my ideas of my career. I really have been in limbo for years – while still barely keeping things going and hanging onto my old life as I waited for my new life to really be here and be what empowers me to “be myself” again.

So I KNOW the pain of loss and the extreme healing processes of trying to get things back grounded again. I know how life can suddenly take everything away and leave you confused for years about which way to turn. When you lose what you thought would be there, you think different things about what IS there. AND THAT is a story that needs to be told and shared with others so that your efforts can lighten their load.

If you ever hear someone say, well I didn’t get free college so why should anyone else? Listen to how wounded that is. Someone on the other side, who is strapped down by school loans and no jobs in the degree they get, thinks it would be great if no one else had to experience that. On the other side, you know that college is a scam and that you really only need to go if you want to be a doctor or do something super official that needs to be apprenticed. We are better off learning trades.

Don’t be limiting in what you see is a negative in others or something that has hurt you. See how you can hold this situation where you give it life to rebuild and begin again. See the strength from what was, even if you are not happy with what was, and be the survivor who rises above. Do your all to see that you have every right to experience good things and that just because your past was one thing, doesn’t mean it has to continue and keep replicating itself.

Rise above in claiming space for your own life to be celebrated. Paint the scars with love and trust that they do make you who you are -- like who you really are here to be. Each one opens the doorway for you to get closer to a truth kept hidden because of mainstream programming wanting you forgetting. The setbacks are not setbacks, in fact. They are a part of your story evolving that just needs you giving it space to come alive again in due time. Be kind with yourself and trust this process to be what feeds you what you then will feed to others too.

And SOON, it WILL be time to move. Change is coming soon. Believe you deserve a bounty of support.

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