JULY 17 | Sunday

So here we go! Special things continue to unfold because of the reboot that changed our systems that now will have us going in a better flow. Vibrationally, yesterday rebooted us and then initiated us on this healed path. Today is the first test to see if you really believe in this other dimension where you really CAN be living your dreams and have all the things you wish for.

If you can really believe for glass half full then you will see things that feel like they are greater than you have seen in your past. But if you continue to carry the old viruses from your computer and enforce them into the mystery of tomorrow, then you WILL keep planting the same pain and the same players in your healing journey that keep you anchored in what DOES NOT support your true essence blossoming. Rocks in the way need to be faced and addressed and not just adapted around. You don’t have to keep living for the small lives others want you to stay trapped in, too.

And today can slam you with soap opera situations that really just need you valuing yourself so much that you don’t tango or try to one up another into not seeing how you are wanting to slam or disgrace them for what they bring. We are not to go lower and think we are smarter in dealing with others who seem to want to confuse us or bring narcissistic ways.

We don’t level down in order to show others how to level up; we level up in order to show them the way -- where it then is on them to follow. But you don’t need to go low ever again – UNLESS you want to walk what is created from you nosediving into low vibrations. If you go there, it will follow. Be in these new energies as a trusting child of a higher power that triggers you to wake up -- but who is not doing it to get you following in your old ways. The provocation comes to get you working harder at being your best version and NOT to get you affirming how wrong you have gotten it in your past.

No shame, no blame, keep learning and grow better in all that you do. See how you can NOT fight with what makes you feel helpless -- and instead see how it inspires you to one day be grounded in a better scene. If you have to move to a new house, you have to be in the limbo of the problem and the solution – where you clearly know that there is a problem, but you don’t know what the solution will be.

Allow that space to be a normal cycle in life and something that really just needs you curious about the signs and intuitional nudges getting you to leave the life of fight or flight and walk into the experience of compassion and staying with seeing things move into a better form – even if they currently appear completely fragmented. This energy is about moving through a process and allowing what is to be what it needs to be in inspiring you to write a better story about what will NEXT be your view. There are no victims here. See how this change can be a gift in the long run and go with the flow of where it wants to take you.


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