JULY 15 | Friday

Good morning loves! We have some wild energies today as it can feel like things are going down the drain and are leaving us shocked at how much things have changed. There are MANY out of the blue moves that happen around this day that really get you repositioned and on a new path that is of YOUR creation.

Today may come with people who are testing you to use your throat and to speak your truth. I would say, it's best to expect that others cross your path at an odd angle and get you a little provoked by what they do. But I also would say, make today where you draw strong boundaries around NOT taking it all on to the point you get frazzled by what others tell you. You may feel electrocuted by what is around you, and that is not a good thing! Today ACTUALLY is golden in allowing us to see for new pathways and to be excited for insight or signs that help us see we ARE on the best path.

But to see this new sweet space and feel how it makes us feel safe, we need to NOT be electrocuted. If you get taken out by the fight in others, you won’t receive the treat that keeps you building your dreams and staying focused on getting the steps completed. Something comes today that is to get you thinking about your creative gifts and seeing for new ways to create a sustainable and solid life from efforts that need you staying true to your missions.

You are to make a connection today that gets you seeing you DO have a place in the world and there is some unique thing for you to do. We are in a special gateway where we get to pass something that gives us the oracle reading on what we are working for. It's like we get to walk by a crystal ball, and we get to see something unique to our soul journey.

BUT – anger blocks the gateway from appearing to our eyes. So don’t get tied up in other people and how out of control they feel at this time. Don’t allow others to keep you from seeing what will help you get to the next step up your mountain. If you stay in the hate and division, you will stay on this step and have to keep learning a lesson. So realize, today is important like that! Do not react or respond or engage to an old world manipulation that is just trying to pull you off balance. Instead, be in your dream and go towards what believes for better things. Don’t fall back into old patterns where you just have to be seen. Don’t control another and don’t allow them to control you. Be true and fly free. You are being asked to go against what comes at you with feelings of discord. Go into the flow of what feels supportive of your new dreams. You have a choice of which view you give your attention to. And you are being asked to do what feels good to you and to allow everyone else to do their thing too.

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