JULY 14 | Thursday

Now. Keeping it real. Yesterday, many of you needed support because things felt SO challenging in that they don’t resonate anymore and are coming at each other from an odd angle. The harmony is lacking here because paths need to change, and people need to assert towards different things.

But we are bound in a rubber band ball and our moves impact others. What we need to see is that things hit us no matter what, but when we change and find our truth, we don’t accept and stay in the rooms that are teaching and preaching things that go against what we believe. When we are strong with ourselves, we move on and let go of what sucks the life out of us. When we value ourselves, we choose for people who feel good and who help us feel good about who we are. When we value ourselves, we move away from where the rubber bands bind and restrict us – in the same way you move your hand away from the heat of a hot surface.

Our new movements come from within, but they are only birthed from the absolute chaos that abounds that forces us to move on and step into a transformed space in life. If the fire burns things down, you HAVE to migrate and find a new space that now supports you. If you are in energies that bring you down, or that challenge your free motion, then you HAVE to find a new space that supports you being true to who you are. There are choices to be made and they need to come from what our body feels and how it has new boundaries around what it clearly needs to feel safe and secure.

We don’t know that we need protection until there is a predator. For this reason, many can be shocked at what thrusts into their life with so much aggression. Many of you can feel rage that OTHERS messed with your smooth flow and leaked their toxins into your meditation space. So be patient with seeing where the boundary is now compromised where other things are influencing what you THOUGHT would be.

Be patient as you trust the mountain climb, and honor that sometimes the terrain feels impossible to get around. Sometimes it takes you being body smart and trusting where you need to believe that an answer will eventually be. Don’t think you need to be the boss of how life turns out, but also don’t think others need to be the boss of you.

You are a universe upon yourself and if you follow the leader, you will be what they want you to be. And if you follow yourself, you will be what you dream you can be. Any questions on what REALLY needs to be happening? Come outside of the lines, my love. It's time for you to create a new home in the world where you DO see that there is always room to find what you need. Look into the impossible and turn it into your miracle. Step up, go beyond and you will find a utopia you always hoped could be. There IS something greater for you to work for that needs you acknowledging that you deserve this other view -- and truly believing that it CAN come true.

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