oh hello SUNDAY! New Moon in LEO!


Oh hello New Moon!! We love when you go new in Leo and get us to wake up to wanting to show ourselves in new ways where we are not just following along as it has been done. The manipulation is EPIC in the world where you can see how you are being conned into following all these things that make you feel smaller about your life and about your place in the world. BUT. When you really listen to your heart, after hitting rock bottom into insecurities, you do find new ways to play with life and to just do what you love to do without first needing something to affirm it. When you feel like you have bottomed out, you then find the steam that fills you with an idea and inspiration to create again and love again and do it better this 2nd time around.

You are to see things returning over the next 2 weeks where something lost is now growing wings. This is going to elevate people hardcore into creating a world that is for the betterment of all. I have wanted to quit my Amazon membership after they raised the fees 20% a year or so ago, and I missed it last year and was SO HAPPY to not miss it this year. It felt so good to say, NO, I will NOT keep supporting you when you only want to support yourself and are supported already in an obscene way. I will not keep going along because the path is grooved for me and you are positioning yourself as my authority and wanting me to feed off you because you are manipulating me to. NO. I will not support you with my money and say that I vote yes on how you treat workers and on how you take and take and take but never even think about giving anything back for it. That is the paradigm of all the big corporations in our mainstream life. They all positioned themselves there and expect us to abide. Being built the way we are, we do!

Think of this analogy when you see how your own spirit needs to come alive and be true about going for a life that you would love to live! We are not to ever be in total harmony on Earth because we are here now to correct our Karma, and all the ways we act evil -- but the rough storms are to be more manageable AS we walk as true hearted light beings. But only through the darkness do we come into the light on how WE OURSELVES are so unhappy but only because we live the lives of others. It's time to live your life for you. Your joy equals joy seeds falling into the lives of those around you. You will shine a true light when you truly feel it inside. And to be cramped in the conditioning of other people telling you it has to be a certain way, when you KNOW in your heart that path will lead to decay. You feel this resistance because you are to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk of your heart where you come out of the lines and just try it this time. First steps can be scary, but just like the birth canal, it has this distinct and uncomfortable pressure that then brings bliss. See that your heart CAN lead the way and love and inspired creative ideas are around corners in your near future. Listen to how you wish it would be better and BELIEVE that your feelings are there because this thing IS IN YOUR FUTURE. Dream that your sweet little heart deserves better things and be vulnerable in bringing them forward. Sensitive spaces are good bacteria to something new growing. So love them tenderly and be okay hearing where you are NOT OKAY and not feeling important. Where you want to cry, there is something about to come alive. Trust this!

  • MOON DEGREES: 13 to 25 Leo.
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
  • NEW MOON 16 degrees Leo

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