oh hello SATURDAY! Stand up to what is wrong.

7 AUGUST 2021


Oh loves. Something is to return and give you another view where you will see this with older and wiser eyes and you MAY be choosing to do something that feels like a risk, but it feels so right. Stay in close contact with your heart today and expect to need to listen where you WILL be putting yourself out there and sharing what may have you feeling vulnerable. If something is wrong, you need to stand up even if the mainstream thinks you are bonkers for thinking such a thing. We are going to have to be stronger in staying committed to what feels right because you will not see mass numbers following along just yet. This space is personal in that your sensitivities are guiding you to stepping into another arena that before you didn’t think was there. Be like a child and design something better where there will be a place to celebrate your authority. And until then, play with your creations until they grow into a new home. See that love needs to be a bigger part of your life where you are choosing for things that help you feel alive. You can turn off the TV and phone and go to the park or go to the ocean and listen to the waves for hours. You CAN do these other things that support your mental health and empower you to dream again. Follow where you feel called to go, but get out of technology that gets you to plant seeds of NO. There are yeses to be found that come from your heart deciding to do something for you that will somehow get you in position to then do more for others. Listen to the heart and see that better days come WITHIN days. SEE that you are REAL CLOSE to something beautiful and loving finding you.

  • MOON PLANNER: Saturn.
  • MOON DEGREES: 30 Cancer to 12 Leo.
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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