oh hello MONDAY! Get ready to FEEL!


My loves! Your heart is going to be on your sleeve today and you may feel shocked by how large things express and how you can't really hold back from making something known. Allow this wind to lift your truth -- and move on the provocation and how it is getting you to want to correct things. We get real frustrated when our houses are a mess, and seeing it can send us spiraling because we see so much that needs to be put into place. But when we finally just take one step at a time and keep rolling the ball forward, we DO suddenly shift into automatic where we are empowered by what we see we are bringing solutions to. When we don’t stay up on things, everything nags at us because we aren’t getting to it, and we don’t feel joy in the day to day. And often we have to warm up to get going on our chores, as we get going like people who are slow to wake. We may be crabby and irritable as we wait for our energy to get going, but when it goes, we will shift into a new flow. 

Expect to get going on some goal that deals with you finally facing something that dragged you down in wonderment. On this day, stay glass half full in KNOWING things will be coming back into harmony and that you are close to figuring out the next steps that will shift you. It’s real important that you stay hopeful today and stay seeing like a child who was raised with love. Don’t see for how things can't be done. Expect that the Universe WANTS to provide. And with your voice reaching high, it is undeniable that you will soon fly. So, build this right. Don’t go frugal when you are being asked to go big. Don’t hold back when you are being asked to give.

  • MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Jupiter. Mars.
  • MOON DEGREES: 26 Leo to 8 Virgo
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

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