oh hello SUNDAY! Get UP in August!

1 AUGUST 2021


HELLO AUGUST!!! Oh my loves. I have been waiting for us to feel this shift because I saw that July was called The Testing Times and August, The Peacock Times. We are about to get loud and proud – BECAUSE of all we went through in riding near such low waters where all the shadows were clearly seen. In July, your tummy may have hurt often  because something mysterious felt like a warning. In August, we get up and start living more because we wake up out of a spell where we won't want to give our energy to the fears of what could be when WE SEE that we are manifesting the future RIGHT NOW in every cell of our being. So to fear and to think in limiting and scarcity based ways HAS to plant that in the future. It HAS TO. It is law. So now many of you are slowing down in order to pull out the weeds before you move forward and get loud with your thing. FIRST, there is to be a new plan that removes the tumors and rocks that block so you really do have a clear and open space to grow into the future. This new plan deals with your creative gifts and really laying down a new way to rebuild and do something so that it really has all of your confidence and none of your insecurities fronting as the societal programmed ways.  We are waking up because we were stuck in the mud and thinking it was good enough.  As your value grows, without fighting the way up the ladder, you will ask for more because you really want it and not just need it desperately. To need too strongly is to push it away. With value truly holding high honor for self, all that you need will find you in the best ways. That is ALL you need to know about how the roadmap will go. Find the love within and everything outside of you will start to look and feel better. See that you deserve this better future and WORK for it. Don’t sit idle or try to escape. That was so 2020.

  • MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Jupiter.
  • MOON DEGREES: 17 to 28 Taurus.
  • MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

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